Super expensive, just the legs of this type of chicken are more than 1 million dong

If a bird’s nest, comedian, shark fin… cost millions of dong, now chicken feet are also offered for sale for millions of dong for a pair of legs, but still sold out.

Maybe many people do not know, when looking at the price list of this type of chicken, they will not believe it, but in fact, on the market currently, the Dong Tao chicken feet are being sold at prices ranging from 360,000 VND – 1,350,000 VND/kg. With a big leg size of only 2-3 pieces/kg, this one chicken leg will cost over half a million dong but still be bought by many people. ($1=25,000 VND)

Super expensive, the legs of this type of chicken alone cost more than 1 million VND - 1

Dong Tao chicken is a rare dish, once a specialty of the King

Dong Tao chicken is a specialty that once served the King, and is still sought after by gourmets. Also because it is a rare dish, it is often used by people as a gift or eaten during each Tet holiday. Dong Tao chickens with majestic shape and big legs are priced at several tens of millions of dong/chick during Tet.

Dong Tao chicken is the most precious pair of legs, this chicken breed has big legs, many tendons, crunchy texture, and eating without getting sick, so Dong Tao chicken legs also become a favorite drink of many people.

In recent days, although it is not a holiday, but it is the time of the World Cup season, the demand for Dong Tao chicken feet has suddenly increased. Many people have a need to buy, each pair of legs costs up to a million dong.

Super expensive, the legs of this chicken alone cost more than 1 million VND - 2

During the World Cup, Dong Tao chicken feet are sought after by many people 

Dong Tao chicken feet can be boiled, grilled, soaked in lemongrass, stewed … all very delicious. According to Dong Tao chicken leg dealers, during this World Cup, chicken feet are also selling better than before.

Sharing on social networks recently, an account of Nguyen Van – a person who specializes in selling Dong Tao chicken, said that her shop is selling fresh Dong Tao chicken feet in many different types large and small, the price is also sold according to the price. size.

For example, Dong Tao chicken feet size 9-10 feet/kg is priced at 500,000 VND/kg; Dong Tao chicken feet size 7-8 feet/kg selling price of 680,000 VND. With Dong Tao chicken feet size 4-6 feet/kg, the selling price ranges from 1-1.1 million VND/kg. With the largest size of Dong Tao chicken feet, 2-3 pieces/kg is a rare item, priced at 1,350 million VND.

However, this type of largest foot is not always available, customers must book in advance so that when the goods are available, they will notify the customer.

According to Ms. Van, Dong Tao chicken feet at her store are imported directly from a chicken farm in Hung Yen. “At this time during the 2022 World Cup season, Dong Tao chicken feet are selling better because many men are willing to pay to buy and enjoy the football matches. On peak days, the shop sells 20-30kg of Dong Tao chicken feet for both wholesalers and retailers,” shared Van.

Super expensive, the legs of this chicken alone are more than 1 million VND - 3

With the largest size of Dong Tao chicken feet, 2-3 pieces/kg are rare goods, selling for up to a million VND/kg

Not long ago, information about a dish made from a chicken leg that was offered for sale for 500 thousand at a large restaurant in Hanoi was shared on social networks, attracting hundreds of average interactions. essay.

Many people are really excited, curious, and don’t understand what’s so special about that chicken leg that is offered for sale at such a high price.

It is known that the dish above is called “chicken feet with abalone sauce” which is made from frozen chicken feet with abalone sauce, and processed with abalone sauce and some other special rare spices. Therefore, they were offered by the restaurant for 500 thousand VND each.

The chef at this restaurant said: “Chicken feet with abalone sauce” is a new dish on the restaurant’s menu. The type of chicken feet processed is Dong Tao chicken feet, which are very rare and difficult to find. Therefore, when processed with abalone, a chicken leg costs 500,000 VND is very normal.

According to him, the Dong Tao chicken has long been considered a precious chicken breed and used to worship during the Tet holidays. To this day, they are still considered a precious breed of chicken and are listed by the State on the list of rare animals that need to be preserved and developed.

In terms of characteristics, the Dong Tao chicken stands out in its big, rough legs because of the skin’s scales arranged like “dragon scales”, and a sturdy, dignified gait; Because of this feature, they are also known as big-legged chickens (elephant feet, dinosaur feet…), and this is also the biggest difference compared to other chicken breeds in Vietnam.

Also because the food is expensive, there are many customers who have questions. Many opinions expressed that selling a chicken leg at such a price is too expensive and only the “giants” are willing to splurge on that dish.

However, some other opinions say that the price of a Dong Tao chicken leg is normal when cooked with abalone sauce. Some even praised it cheaply.

“Dong Tao chicken has at least 3 to 4 million a piece, so it’s normal for a leg to be processed and sold for 500,000 VND($20),” Huy Hung’s account commented.

Sharing the same opinion, account Ngoc Anh also commented: “I have enjoyed this dish, they are quite delicious and the taste is also quite strange. Spending 500 thousand is also worth “…

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