Ta Lung Cao Bang: a charming town in the border region of the Fatherland


Try once to explore Ta Lung Cao Bang to see that the borderland of our Fatherland is truly beautiful, a clear, charming beauty that cannot be found anywhere else.

Explore Ta Lung Cao Bang  – a peaceful small town

When mentioning Cao Bang, people think of Trung Khanh, Ha Lang, Ha Quang,… because these are localities with many beautiful landscapes. But if you want to find a new destination, explore Ta Lung Cao Bang. This is a border town located in Quang Hoa district, about 60 km from Cao Bang city center along National Highway 3. 

Explore Ta Lung Cao Bang - a small town in Quang Hoa districtTa Lung is a small town located near the Chinese border. Photo: @aokumi35

Because it is a border town, the East of Ta Lung borders China. There is also the famous Ta Lung border gate in the town. So when you come here to travel and experience, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the beautiful scenery, culture, and lifestyle of the indigenous people. The more I go, the more I see how beautiful and impressive Cao Bang is. 

Explore Ta Lung Cao Bang, see the green mountains and blue waters of the Northeast

When choosing to explore Ta Lung Cao Bang, many tourists will surely be somewhat confused because there is not too much information about this place. On travel forums and social networks, Ta Lung is rarely mentioned. Maybe it’s just some information about the history of Ta Lung town and Ta Lung border gate on the internet. 

Explore Ta Lung Cao Bang to experience many beautiful scenesYou will enjoy many beautiful scenes when returning to Ta Lung. Photo: @thejamalonseries

However, because there is not much information, Ta Lung suddenly has a strange appeal. Everyone knows about other destinations in Cao Bang, but not everyone knows about Ta Lung So just keep going, wherever there is a road it will definitely lead to beautiful scenery. And that is the reason why many young people choose to travel to Ta Lung.

Explore Ta Lung Cao Bang to see the blue mountains and blue waterTa Lung is so beautiful and peaceful. Photo: @_huutrang102_

Ta Lung will welcome you with a picture of fresh, green nature. That is the typical beauty of the land of “green mountains and blue waters” Cao Bang. On major roads, you have the opportunity to pass by green rice fields, in the distance are high mountains and beautiful white floating clouds. 

Explore Ta Lung Cao Bang to see the green rice fieldsThe beautiful scenery of Ta Lung makes people passionate. Photo: @w1ld_wind

Somewhere on the way to explore Ta Lung Cao Bang, you will encounter the Bac Vong River flowing lazily. It is true that the rivers and streams in the deep, high mountains are always a beautiful emerald green color, just looking at them makes my heart flutter. Even though it is a town, many places in Ta Lung are quiet and peaceful, with only nature, trees, streams and waterfalls that are fresh and calm. 

Explore Ta Lung Cao Bang to satisfy your virtual lifeTa Lung brings you many poetic experiences. Photo: @brownienobeard

In addition to admiring the beautiful natural scenery, this trip is even more memorable if you visit Truc Lam Ta Lung Pagoda. This pagoda is located in Phia Khoang village, about 1 km from Ta Lung border gate. The pagoda is both a spiritual and religious destination for indigenous people, as well as an impressive local architectural work. 

Explore Ta Lung Cao Bang and visit Truc Lam PagodaTruc Lam Ta Lung Pagoda has ancient beauty. Photo: Buddhist Newspaper 

After exploring this pagoda, do not forget to check in at Ta Lung international border gate. This border gate is located near the junction where the Bac Vong River flows into the Bang River, where immigration activities of people from Vietnam and China take place, and where trade goes to Thuy Khau international border gate, Long Chau district. , Guangxi province. 

Explore Ta Lung Cao Bang, check in at Ta Lung border gateTa Lung international border gate operates through China. Photo: @avatariamhwa__

Similar to many other border gates in Vietnam , Ta Lung border gate was built on a grand and solemn scale, with flags proudly hanging on both sides of the road leading to the border gate. If you want to check in here, you should choose an outside location to get the full view. In addition, when coming to this border gate, you can also take souvenir photos with nearby milestone 943. 

Explore Ta Lung Cao Bang, check in at milestone 943Don’t miss milestone 943 when coming to Ta Lung. Photo: @annn_2404

It can be seen that the journey to explore Ta Lung Cao Bang does not have too many entertainment activities. Instead, visitors can admire the beautiful natural scenery, visit border gates, border landmarks and explore the Ta Lung Truc Lam pagoda. Just that amount of experience is probably enough for a short trip, enough for you to better understand the beautiful scenery and life in the remote area of ​​Cao Bang. 


Note when exploring Ta Lung Cao Bang 

Although Ta Lung is not a locality with as much tourism potential as other districts. However, this is still an attractive destination for tourists, especially those who like to travel, like to conquer, and like to explore new things. If you have the opportunity to travel to Cao Bang , consider including Ta Lung in the list of coordinates to check in.

Note when exploring Ta Lung Cao BangIf you have the opportunity, try exploring Ta Lung once. Photo: @_huong.bee

Perhaps just 1 day is enough for you to walk around Ta Lung town, visiting the places introduced above. If you want to stay here longer, you should choose to rent a motel in the town center for convenient travel, dining and connection to other nearby tourist destinations. Besides, you can also go to Cao Bang’s tourism forums to find out more information about Ta Lung, in order to be better prepared when traveling here. 

Note when exploring Ta Lung Cao BangTourists will have many memorable memories when visiting Ta Lung town. Photo: @wang.dongxin

Hopefully, the information about exploring Ta Lung Cao Bang introduced in this article will help you better understand this border town, to see that Cao Bang is beautiful everywhere, each land has its own mark, a very different charm. 

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