Take a look at 8 delicious Go Cong specialties and forget the way home

If you have the opportunity to travel to Tien Giang , do not forget to visit and enjoy the famous Go Cong specialties of this land such as shrimp paste, patch cake, clams, pineapple fish porridge, cherries, ..

Referring to Tien Giang means referring to one of the good lands, where the Tien River has built up a rich and prosperous country. The land of Go Cong in Tien Giang province not only inherits that advantage but is also home to the most queens and beauties of Cochinchina, also known as “beautiful girls”.Go Cong specialties - Tien Giang specialtiesTien Giang specialties. Photo: Bazantravel

Today, this place is a place that attracts domestic and foreign tourists with historical sites and scenic spots such as the Royal Tomb, Truong Dinh temple, Tan Thanh beach, Go Cong cabinet craft village, .. . with other types of eco-tourism, bold garden. Not only that, when coming here to visit, visitors also experience interesting things, enjoy many attractive and typical dishes made from the skillful hands of the ladies here. Those are the dishes of shrimp paste, Go Cong shrimp paste, patch cake, pineapple fish porridge, elderberry, cherry – the best products that anyone cannot ignore when coming to this land. Let‘s discover the delicious taste and special features of these specialties with Vinlove.Attending Go Cong specialties - Covering attractive dishesPackaged attractive dishes. Photo: metrip

8 Go Cong specialties no one can refuse

1. Go Cong shrimp paste

The old Go Cong people have a saying: “Whoever goes up and down the Tra River, stop by and eat Go Cong shrimp paste and shrimp paste cake” to honor a dish made from fresh, delicious crayfish with lots of fresh bricks that are saved. make the fish sauce for a whole month until it becomes a special and unforgettable condiment.

Go Cong is a land rich in fish and shrimp, especially silver shrimp in large quantities. Therefore, the people here have made a famous Tien Giang specialty from local products. It can be said that shrimp paste is one of the most famous Go Cong delicacies. Even in the feudal period of the Nguyen Dynasty, this dish was still on the list of items to advance to the king.

As mentioned above, the main ingredient of shrimp paste is the crayfish with many bricks. Shrimps, after being caught, will be cleaned and marinated with spices, then put in a mortar until smooth. This process requires the shrimp to be carefully pounded into the basket and scrubbed vigorously so that the shell is completely separated from the meat.Go Cong specialties - High-class fish sauceHigh-class fish sauce because it’s only shrimp meat. Photo: vietflavour

The next step is to sun-dry the shrimp with a drying time of at least a few days to half a month, depending on the technique passed down from the house to house. After drying, Go Cong people will bring shrimp to rub it through a sieve (tiny mesh device) to get a separate part of shrimp meat. Next, people add spices and continue to dry in the sun. The last step is to store it in the cool for about half a month to be eaten.

Finished shrimp paste will be served with rice paper rolls with some vermicelli or rice cakes with boiled pork, adding a few raw vegetables is the best lesson. The dish scores points thanks to its outstanding color, sweet and fragrant taste of shrimp meat, rich and pungent because of the salt of the sun and the wind, blended through skillfully processed hands, making anyone happy. ‘craving’ when thinking about.

This dish is even said to be a high-class fish sauce in all kinds of fish sauce because it is completely processed with fresh shrimp meat. When caught, they also jump and crack, and then they are meticulously marinated and dried in the sun. To make 1 kg of standard shrimp paste with au red meat, you must rub 3-4 kg of fresh shrimp paste.Go Cong specialty - Shrimp paste with rubShrimp paste rub standard red fish sauce au. Photo: vntrip

2. Sour shrimp paste mixed with special papaya

In addition to scrub shrimp paste, Go Cong specialty also has sour shrimp paste – not processed as elaborately as scrub shrimp paste but made quite simply. A jar of finished shrimp paste still retains the shape of the shrimp after with eye-catching red color. Usually, people also mix crispy papaya impregnated with the spicy taste of fresh chili mixed with a slightly sour taste to add flavor to the dish as well as stimulate the senses of diners.Go Cong specialties - Sour shrimp pasteBa Hai Go Cong sour shrimp paste. Photo: vntrip

If you have the opportunity to travel to Tien Giang, after checking in My Tho city, Thoi Son island, Tan Thanh beach, … you remember to visit Go Cong and try a meal with sour shrimp paste mixed with papaya to feel it. Enjoy the delicious taste of local specialties. Especially when you eat this dish with a cup of hot rice or vermicelli with raw vegetables and boiled meat on rainy days because it will taste even better. If you find it suitable, do not forget to choose to buy a few jars to bring back as gifts for relatives and friends.

3. Go Cong sauce

If the paradise of fish sauce in Chau Doc An Giang market is famous for Linh fish sauce, choke fish, snakehead fish, Thai fish sauce, catfish sauce, etc., when it comes to the upland area of ​​Go Cong, no one is unaware of cuffed fish sauce. This common dish of the fish family is made from a creature that looks like a crab but is smaller in size, which is quite common in the West, especially in the area near the river mouth, bordering the sea.Go Cong specialty - Mam congFish sauce. Photo: VietFlavour.com

In the past, there were countless cuffs in Go Cong, so local people often took them to the salty warehouse or rim to eat rice. But to keep the cuffs longer, people make fish sauce. The two most popular types of fish paste are the whole type and the type of cuffs. In which, the fish sauce dish has a more elaborate way of processing and eating than the whole fish sauce. Specifically, when eating this type, it is necessary to prepare more to get the most attractive and delicious flavor.

Like the famous shrimp paste dish, the fish sauce dish is also a food for the king, dating from the reign of Queen Mother Tu Du. Today, fish paste with an unforgettable flavor is a specialty of Go Cong that attracts many diners to enjoy.

4. Go Cong sea buckthorn

Go Cong is a land of the sea, so seafood is extremely abundant. Among the many products that the sea offers, there is sea sam – considered precious seafood whose attractiveness is extremely great.

Eating sea sam in Go Cong is also an elaborate profession when you can enjoy quite a lot of delicious dishes from this species such as fried sam vermicelli, sam soup, fried sweet and sour sam’s feet or even deep-fried sam’s eggs…. This sea-going pairing creature also requires elaborate processing. It takes skillful chefs to know how to keep the meat fresh for a long time by cutting blood of sam.Take a look at Go Cong specialties - Go Cong sea samGo Cong sea sam is famous in Tien Giang. Photo: VietFlavour

Sea worms appear a lot in Go Cong and Tan Thanh and Vam Lang seas during the windy season. They come in pairs and drift down the sea back here. If you have the opportunity to travel to the West and check in this land, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy.

5. Go Cong Cherries

The Mekong Delta in general and Tien Giang, in particular, is famous throughout the country with many fruit orchards such as Cai Be, Vinh Kim, and Chin Thuong with countless delicious and attractive fruits. From guava, grapefruit, tangerine, orange to durian, mangosteen, custard apple… There is a delicious and nutritious fruit that is also grown in large quantities and concentrated in the region, which is acerola. This Go Cong specialty, when ripe, is red with all colors from bright red, to crimson, sometimes turning purple, but every fruit is round, glossy and quite eye-catching. More specifically, cherry is very suitable for Go Cong soil, grown here will give delicious fruit.Take a look at the specialties of Go Cong - SriGo Cong cherry. Photo: metrip

Each cherry fruit contains a lot of vitamins and micronutrients such as vitamins A, K, E, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, … There are also iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium, zinc, phosphorus along with amino acids and some fatty acids beneficial to the body. So nutritious, but this fruit is quite cheap compared to other types. Visitors here can buy and eat at the garden or buy to take home and process it into other delicious dishes such as jam, cherry wine…

6. Clams Go Cong

The West not only has Binh Dai and Thanh Phu beaches famous for fresh clams but Go Cong clams are also highly appreciated for their quality.

Tien Giang is a place with a long coastline, many sections bordering estuaries, so there is a large amount of alluvium that makes the sea water cloudy. Although it cannot create beautiful beaches, it has the advantage of seafood. One of the famous specialties of Go Cong Tien Giang is clams.Go Cong specialty - Clam snailsSteamed clams and snails in Go Cong are famous for their sweet and delicious taste. Photo: Western travel

Clams are raised a lot from Tan Thanh beach area to Go Cong area with high quality. The clam meat here is just white and has a sweet, crunchy taste with a strong sea flavor. Because it is fresh and delicious, the best way to eat it is still to steam the clams with lemongrass. It will be extremely unforgettable when enjoying the delicious fresh clams dipped with spicy chili fish sauce, sometimes sipping a little hot steamed water with the scent of smashed lemongrass.

7. Go Cong cake

Banh cake, also known as Cho Giong cake, is a famous Go Cong specialty. In the same family as Soc Trang cult cake , there are some similarities with Hanoi West Lake shrimp cakes, but patch cakes have many differences. This is a fairly simple dish but has a unique flavor. This cake is made from easy-to-find ingredients such as rice flour, bean sprouts, and peeled fresh shrimp. After each ingredient is added, it will be fried in a pan of hot oil until the cake is golden brown, then it is fully cooked.Go Cong specialty - Cake patchThe famous Go Cong cake. Photo: tourdulichmientay

Go Cong people can eat banh mi at any time of the day. and definitely have to eat with sweet and sour fish sauce mixed with raw vegetables, cucumber, and vermicelli. The most important thing is the accompanying bowl of dipping sauce – chili garlic fish sauce is made according to a family recipe. When traveling to Go Cong, you definitely have to enjoy banh mi (price).Go Cong specialty - Banh GiaCho Giong price cake. Photo: Tien Giang tourism

8. Pineapple fish porridge

The Tien River running along the provinces of Tien Giang, Long An, and Ben Tre is the sweet “milk flow” that nourishes the vast rich land with all kinds of unique and increasingly popular products such as pineapple fish, fish Key limes, giant freshwater prawns, etc. These are all attractive ingredients to make many delicious dishes.

Particularly in Go Cong, you should find and enjoy pineapple fish porridge with not only fresh ingredients but also because of the typical cooking method of the people here. The meat of the fish has a rich sweet aroma mixed with a bit of saltiness of fish sauce, and the pungentness of sliced ​​chili. After a visit to the famous Tien Giang – Go Cong tourist sites, there is nothing more interesting than sitting in the windy space where the Tien River flows and enjoying an indescribably delicious pineapple fish porridge.Go Cong specialty - Pineapple fish porridgePineapple fish porridge. Photo: dulichtiengiang

In addition, Go Cong also has many other delicious and irresistible specialties such as dried rice with cotton balls – a snack that thousands of people love with its sweet and salty taste, or fruits from the Central Highlands such as durian, mangosteen, avocado. Dak Lak wax, … but extremely suitable soil and climate of the river region.

Go Cong not only has many landscapes but also possesses specialties that captivate people, hold back anyone who has ever visited the land of famous queens and beauties. Unique flavors such as crab sauce, shrimp paste, steamed clams, acerola fruits, crispy and fragrant cakes will make you fall in love and unforgettable once enjoyed. Wish you have a trip to the West, check-in in Go Cong happily.

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