Take a look at the famous bakeries in Da Lat that are delicious and forget the way home for gourmets 

Bread is one of the favorite dishes of many tourists when coming to Da Lat, and the land of pine trees also has many famous delicious bakeries that make visitors fall in love when they have the opportunity to enjoy it.

Bread in Vietnam is a very familiar dish and is found everywhere, but Da Lat bread is always famous for its very own unique flavor and famous bakeries in Da Lat are still famous. Visitors come at any time of the day. Da Lat has many delicious bakeries, including many bakeries that are not only a place to enjoy food but also an iconic check-in place in this beautiful city. Traveling in Da Lat, don’t forget to immediately note the list of famous and delicious bakeries and come and enjoy. 

Famous bakery in Da Lat

Bread is available in many places, but Da Lat bread still has its own charm. Photo:@miruku.t_photos

Famous bread shops in Da Lat should not be missed 

1. Windmill Bakery 

This famous bakery in Da Lat has appeared very popular in the check-in photos of most tourists when coming to the flower city. However, perhaps many people only pay attention to the background check-in, but forget that the bread at this shop is also delicious and famous. The bread of Coi Xay Gio has the advantage of being always fresh every day, the crispy, full topping loaves always have a special appeal.

Famous bakery in Da Lat

Coi Xay Gio Bakery is a famous check-in point in Da Lat. Photo:@chureeporn_

The shop has a wide variety of breads from savory to sweet cakes, especially banh mi cha, shumai, shredded chicken, and mixed cakes are always popular. Besides bread, Coi Xay Gio also has many attractive snacks such as fried chicken, burnt rice, and milk tea, so checking in here will definitely make it difficult for you to starve your stomach. 

Famous bakery in Da Lat

The bread here is very attractive and full of filling. Photo:FB/Windmill

Famous bakery in Da Lat

Referring to this bakery, people will immediately think of Da Lat. Photo:FB/Windmill

Address: No.11 Nguyen Chi Thanh Street, Da Lat City 

Reference price: 25,000 VND – 30,000 VND

2. Nhan Ngai Chicken Bread

 This is a very famous and long-standing banh mi shop in Da Lat, this bakery is always crowded no matter what day of the week. The cakes of this famous bakery in Da Lat are considered to be of very good quality, the cakes are made fresh every day, and the filling is delicious. The filling is also extremely attractive and diverse, most notably the banh mi and chicken sandwiches.

Famous bakery in Da Lat

Nhan Ngai bread has been famous in Da Lat for a long time. Photo: FB/Nan Ngai Bakery, Da Lat

Famous bakery in Da Lat

The bread here is thick and the topping is full. Photo: FB/Nan Ngai Bakery, Da Lat

 While the Banh Cha is full, fragrant, and crispy, the chicken bread is attractive because of its soft, sweet meat and especially the divine bread sauce made by the owner herself with a salty and sweet taste. , very characteristic pungent. In addition, this shop also has a variety of other attractive savory and sweetbreads, water and milk tea for you to choose from.

Famous bakery in Da Lat

This shop also has a lot of attractive breads from sweet to savory Photo:FB/Nan Ngai Bakery, Da Lat

Address: 215 Bui Thi Xuan Street, Ward 8, Da Lat City 

Reference price: 25,000 VND – 45,000 VND

3. Hoang Dieu noodle shop

Referring to the famous bread shop in Da Lat , this shop is an indispensable name, this is also the address that people who move and whisper to each other must definitely come to enjoy when visiting the land of fog. The bread here is hot and crispy, very delicious, accompanied by a hot bowl of shumai with a rich and attractive flavor. Just tearing bread with dipping sauce will make you ecstatic because the delicious taste is so attractive.

Famous bakery in Da Lat

Hoang Dieu Da Lat noodle soup is famous in the traveling community. Photo: @tannguyen.23.03_

This shop’s kebabs are very delicious, made from both lean meat and fat, so the taste is both sweet and fatty and does not cause boredom. The broth with the bread is simmered from the bones, so it’s very tasty. In addition to shumai, the broth also has toppings, fresh pork skin or dried pork skin. In the cool weather of Da Lat, inviting each other to check-in at this bread shop to enjoy delicious food is a perfect choice. 

Famous bakery in Da Lat

The bread part is too attractive to fascinate diners. Photo:@alex__c_oco_

Famous bakery in Da Lat

This shop is very crowded, so come early if you don’t want to wait. Photo:@smallstar1010__

Address: No. 26, Hoang Dieu Street, Ward 5, Da Lat City 

Reference price: 15,000 VND – 20,000 VND.

4. Pancake shop 27 Da Lat

 In Da Lat, people quite like pan bread because of its attractive taste and especially rich topping. Bread pan 27 is one of the famous bread shops in Da Lat that is popular with many tourists, so it is very crowded.

Famous bakery in Da Lat

Bread pan 27 in Da Lat has never run out of HOT. Photo:@huy.ly_.

The reason this restaurant is famous is first because of the crispy bread that is always hot, followed by the extremely rich and quality topping pan including sweet and tender beef, omelet, pate, shumai, and sausages. Sausage, raw vegetables…You can choose a topping according to your preferences and use it with a super delicious, bold dipping sauce because enjoy each piece, you can dip it. 

Famous bakery in Da Lat

Pan topping can fascinate anyone. Photo:@candykun107_

Address: No. 16B, Nguyen Luong Bang Street, Ward 12, Da Lat City 

Reference price: 25,000 VND – 45,000 VND

Da Lat bread is one of the delicious dishes that you should not miss the opportunity to enjoy, do not forget to check-in at the famous bread shops in Da Lat , to have a spectacular food tour and enjoy Enjoy fully the most attractive and unique flavors of this country’s cuisine. 

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