Take a look at the festivals in Binh Duong that are most famous and attract tourists


Festivals in Binh Duong attract tourists with their unique cultural features and attractive entertainment activities. So which are the famous festivals in Binh Duong that you already know? Please refer to the following article.

The most impressive is the palanquin procession with 4 Hau children, including 60 young men who paved the way with swords and dragon knives. Along with 25 teams of unicorns, followed by a load of litchi flowers, hundreds of young girls wearing colorful braids. Ba Thien Hau Pagoda Festival in Binh Duong attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world. During the festival days, Ba Pagoda is decorated with colorful lanterns and at the end of the ceremony, an auction will be held for charity. Festivals in Binh Duong - the famous Ba Thien Hau pagoda festivalBa Thien Hau Pagoda Festival attracts a large number of visitors

3. Festival ‘Lai Thieu fruit season’

– Venue: Ngang Bridge, Hung Dinh Ward, Thuan An Town, Binh Duong Province

– Organization time: 8/6 – 12/6

Lai Thieu ripe fruit season is one of the festivals in Binh Duong that attracts tourists when they have the opportunity to visit the “sanctuary” of fruit. Lai Thieu festival in the ripe fruit season is usually held after the Lunar New Year. The purpose of the festival is to build a brand of Lai Thieu orchard which is famous for the Binh Duong people. Besides, the festival also has the meaning of preserving and developing the garden economy. Festivals in Binh Duong - Lai Thieu festival in ripe fruit seasonThe famous “Lai Thieu fruit season” festival in Binh Duong

Participating in the Lai Thieu festival in the ripe fruit season, visitors will be able to visit, have fun, and enjoy all kinds of specialties and fruits of Binh Duong. The attractions at Lai Thieu orchard you can refer to are:  

– Ba Tam Garden: 83 Hung Tho Ward – Hung Dinh Ward – Town. Thuan An

– Be Hai Garden: 93 Hung Tho Ward – Hung Dinh Ward – TX. Thuan An

– Garden 99: 99 Hung Tho Ward – Hung Dinh Ward – TX. Thuan An

– Hong Van Garden: 16 Hung Tho Ward – Hung Dinh Ward – Town. Thuan AnFestivals in Binh Duong - the famous Lai Thieu festival in the ripe fruit seasonThe stalls selling specialty fruits of Binh Duong

4. Ky Yen Festival

– Organization time: 12-13 or 15-16 lunar month 

Ky Yen Festival, also known as praying for peace, is organized with folklore beliefs and activities. On Ky Yen’s day, there will be a new shrine worshiping ceremony for the grandmother, who dances and sings, and the French teacher to perform the worshiping ceremony. During the ceremony, the monks chanted sutras to pray for peace to the people. On festival days, the communal houses in Binh Duong will have a big ceremony and a side ceremony called Ky Yen. Ky Yen Festival is considered as the most important festival of the year which can last from 1.5 to 3 days. Festivals in Binh Duong - Ky Yen festivalThe famous Ky Yen Binh Duong Festival

One of these famous festivals in Binh Duong is usually held on the 12th – 13th or 15th – 16th when the full moon shines, making it convenient for people to participate. On the day of high tide, the boats also move more easily when the festival is held on the full moon day. Festivals in Binh Duong - famous Ky Yen festivalPerformances at Ky Yen festival

Above are the festivals in Binh Duong: Location and time, hope to help you better understand the cultural and religious characteristics of the “fruit mecca”. Don’t forget to “note” your Binh Duong travel experience to get more useful information for your upcoming trip. 

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