The 25-year-old boy conquers the “infinity road at sea” in Hai Phong

To create a clip of more than 1 minute, Tran Tan Tai took years to cherish and prepare.

In recent days, the clip Tiktok shared about the journey to conquer the road at sea has received the attention of the online community. The owner of this “million-view” clip is Tran Tan Tai (1997, Hai Phong), currently living and working in Hanoi.

The video is just over a minute long, but the story behind it took more than a year to come true.

Falling in love with Youtube thanks to my passion for creativity

The guy born in 1997 revealed that before coming to the job of creating content, he used to work as a software engineer in accordance with his university major. However, office work for Tan Tai is too restrictive. Meanwhile, he is a lover of freedom and creativity.

At first, he went to work to earn money to “nurture” his passion for content creation. Later, when he had enough potential and determination, Tran Tan Tai decided to spend all his time pursuing the hobby he had always cherished.

Tai once shared: “After graduating from university, I spent 3 months thinking about what I wanted to do and wondering why I didn’t do the things I never dared to do before?” Thinking is doing, he Hai Phong hometown boy embarked on implementing his own projects.

Thanks to the attraction of videos shared on social networks, mainly from Youtube, Tai got a certain income while still a student.

Later, he ventured into many other platforms including Tiktok.

The 25-year-old boy conquers the infinity road at sea in Hai Phong - Photo 1.

Tran Tan Tai is currently working as a content creator.

The journey to conquer the “infinity road” on the sea

During a search on the Internet, he accidentally found information about Cat Hai breakwater in Hai Phong. The purpose of this project is to break waves to prevent water flow into Lach Huyen estuary, helping ships to enter and exit the port easily. In addition, the dike system also helps prevent sand and alluvium from accreting into the channel at Lach Huyen estuary. In the future, this is a reserve space to build more ports.

This virtual living dike in Hai Phong has a total length of more than 10 km and a width of 2.5 meters.

The interesting thing about Cat Hai dike is that it only shows up when the tide is low. The embankment appeared with a road stretching out in the middle of the ocean. When the tide rises, most of this dyke will “submerge” under the sea water.

Overwhelmed by the scale of this project, Tai decided to try and find out where the final point was.

He recounted: “Experienced the feeling of walking alone on the road in the middle of the sea and challenged my limits. I went to many places, always promised myself and my friends that I would make a video about Hai Phong. – the hometown where I was born, grew up and shared unforgettable experiences and unique works here.

This video was scheduled to be filmed from July 2021, but due to the prolonged Covid situation, it was postponed to August 2022 (1 year later). He and his friends went to the breakwater 4 times but had to return immediately because the weather conditions deteriorated rapidly and his companion did not agree to continue participating.

The 25-year-old boy conquered the infinity road at sea in Hai Phong - Photo 2.

Preparation for the trip took about a year.

In the last time, I went completely alone, after carefully studying the tide schedule and consulting with many fishermen in this area, Tai found a date with suitable water and guaranteed weather. dress.

You have to depart from the night of 2 am to conquer this road, the luggage you bring with you includes a backpack containing a rotating device, a long-sleeved shirt, a flashlight, water and food reserves.

After the post went viral, there were many comments that did not believe that Tai went alone, but the whole team followed to support. He affirmed that the journey was completely unsupported.

The 25-year-old boy conquered the infinity road at sea in Hai Phong - Photo 3.

Tan Tai alone conquered this special path.

Don’t be afraid to try to find the recipe for success

After the clip conquering the Cat Hai breakwater, Tai’s name was more widely covered. The most special thing is that he is the owner of the clip titled “0 – 100 years old in Vietnam”.

The 9x boy has recorded portraits of 100 Vietnamese people living in many different cities and provinces on the S-shaped strip of land. The video is not too elaborate but has a great attraction to viewers when the image of Vietnamese people is displayed. full of life, true when at different ages.

This video attracted more than 700,000 reactions, 15 million shares and thousands of comments on Facebook.

The 25-year-old boy conquers the infinity road at sea in Hai Phong - Photo 4.

Another image in Tai’s content creation journey.

“The challenge of “ask a stranger’s age” is what makes me step out of my comfort zone, communicate and get to know people of different ages. This also helps me to have unforgettable experiences of a youth,” shared Tran Tan Tai.

The biggest thing he received after that trip was to understand himself better and discover new limits. At the same time, he also found the secret key to escape from the safe zone.

He said that in the future he will create more videos with more positive content, and connect with friends at home and abroad to have more unique journeys of discovery.

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