The abundance of anchovies in Quang Binh

For three days now, fishermen in Quang Xuan commune, Quang Trach district have continuously won anchovies, collecting tens of millions of dong after each trip to sea.

At noon on September 13, the beach of Quang Xuan commune was crowded with boats going in and out of the sand, each carrying tons of anchovies. Hundreds of small traders and fishermen help bring fish down from the boat.

Mr. Dau Xuan Dieu and 4 boatmates went out to sea from 6 am, by noon, he caught 4 nets and brought two tons of anchovies ashore. “With the selling price of 25,000-30,000 VND/kg, one ton of mackerel earns 30 million VND. The season is good, the price is high, so the fishermen are very excited”, Mr. Dieu said.

Mr. Duong Minh Phuong, Chairman of Quang Xuan commune, said that normally fishermen still catch anchovies, but many only a few quintals and not often. For the past three days, they hit the jackpot, fishing all day. In the evening, they use lights to attract fish, then use nets to close them and shovel them into the boat. During the day they follow the fishing channel to cast nets.

Explaining the unusual abundance of anchovies, fishermen said that after heavy rain in the North Central region, water from the mainland poured into the sea, and the coastal waters had a lot of food, so anchovies, scads… appeared a lot.

Anchovies are purchased by small traders and sold as food, fish sauce, or dried for 200,000 VND/kg.

Quang Xuan commune has 134 fishing boats, of which more than 80 are small boats, fishing near the shore.