The autumn scene is causing a fever in Ho Chi Minh City, everywhere is full of romantic yellow leaves like in Korean movies

Although it has passed November, the autumn yellow leaf roads throughout the city are still being sought by many people to save this beautiful moment.

During the past 2 weeks, the sesame buds on many roads in Ho Chi Minh City are entering the period of changing leaves. The dark yellow canopies of trees alternately fall in the wind, unknowingly making the surrounding scenery more poetic and romantic. In previous years, many people did not notice this transition, so they did not discover that the city also has beautiful “autumn scenery” as beautiful as the capital Hanoi or Korea when the trees change leaves.

After the first pictures of this leaf-changing path were shared on social networks, there were a lot of curious people looking for the address and quickly coming to these roads to admire and take pictures.

The most famous is still the embankment area on Nhieu Loc – Thi Nghe canal, in recent days this place has attracted people to “virtual life”. Perhaps because the scenery is so poetic here. The canal is cool with green grass at the feet, and there are rows of wooden chairs that look exactly like the parks where the main actors date each other in Korean movies. Because of being so interested in this scene, during lunch breaks or afternoons after work for the past few days, people have come here to take pictures. And at the weekend, it is impossible not to see young people dressed in clothes suitable for this cool weather and beautiful scenery.

With a length of about 1 km, the row of sesame trees on the embankment route of the city this time is much busier. Because there is only one time a year when the tree changes leaves, young people, children, and the elderly are also very excited about this rare romantic moment. There are people from far away who go nearly ten kilometers and still have a hard time finding this picturesque corner of the street to take pictures. At the feet, each falling yellow leaf looks like a soft carpet, which is an extremely effective “background” for photographers.

But if you don’t like the crowdedness of the embankment area, there is a “secret” golden leaf road in District 2 that only young people who love to explore can find out. Although there is no poetic river, but standing at this road, you will easily get a view of the Landmark 81 icon through the golden foliage. As can be seen, the paved road with yellow trees on the sidewalk is just like the streets of Seoul in Korean movies.

With just a suitable outfit and the harmonious coordination between the model and the deputy photographer, you can have a super unique autumn set of photos with the trees. Any street corner can become a “genuine” space, even a small leaf can bring the whole autumn sky. Many people tell each other that they must take advantage of “check-in” lest the season of the trees changes leaves, they will regret it, and have to wait until next year.

For the first time, many people in Ho Chi Minh City enjoy the atmosphere of autumn and winter with the scenery of yellow leaves falling all over the road. These places are very familiar in the city, but sometimes just a moment of change like this is a great way to forget the hustle and bustle of the city. When just enjoying the things that are close to us like this, suddenly I find my city strangely peaceful.

Photo: Internet