The beaches in Quang Nam attract a lot of tourists, there are 2 places on the list of the top beaches in Asia

In addition to the peaceful old town of Hoi An, Quang Nam also owns beautiful beaches that stun many domestic and international tourists.

Nature favors Quang Nam with a long coastline with many clear and gentle beaches. The most interesting point about the beaches of the heritage region is that this place possesses a rare peaceful beauty, which is extremely suitable for relaxation. If you are a follower of sea tourism, you cannot ignore Quang Nam. The popularity of the beaches here also “reaches the world” with awards such as top beaches in the world or the most beautiful beaches in Asia.

An Bang Beach

Located only about 3 kilometers from the old town, An Bang is a quiet beach with wild and gentle beauty. The beach with its gentle waves and always clear blue water attracts many people, especially international tourists. Although An Bang is always appreciated as a destination not to be missed when coming to Hoi An ancient town, the beach here is not as crowded as other beaches but still retains its idyllic look. Tourism at this beach is also growing day by day when you just need to buy a drink and you can sunbathe on deck chairs, or umbrellas or swim as much as you like.

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An Bang beach has been honored to appear in many rankings of beautiful beaches in the region and the world. The world’s leading travel website – TripAdvisor has announced a list of 25 beaches. The most beautiful beach in Asia, in which An Bang beach made its name on the list with 22nd position. Not long after that, An Bang also appeared in the list of 50 most beautiful beaches in the world voted by CNN Go. .

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Cua Dai Beach

An equally famous beach is Cua Dai beach with many beautiful sea corners perfect for “virtual living” enthusiasts. Coming here, visitors will be immediately impressed by the endless stretches of white sand, along with the poetic landscape that makes each step seem lost in the immense sea world. In particular, Cua Dai beach is still light green in the morning, and in the afternoon, it has turned into a deep jade green, which increases its charm. Because this place is the meeting point between 3 famous rivers, namely Thu Bon, Truong Giang, and De Vong.

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The most beautiful time in Cua Dai beach is probably early morning or sunset, visitors can bask in the gentle sunshine, watch the peaceful sea scenery and enjoy the sea breeze from offshore. When night falls, the space of Cua Dai beach is even more romantic with shimmering black lights. With its own features, Cua Dai always leaves visitors with an unforgettable feeling when leaving here.

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Tam Thanh Beach

Surely when mentioning Tam Thanh, Quang Nam, many of you will immediately think of the famous colorful mural village in the country. But not only that, coming to this sea there is also calm, clear and warm sea water. Tam Thanh beach is much quieter than the beaches located on the outskirts of Hoi An because it is not yet crowded with tourists. So coming here, visitors will enjoy swimming as if they are in their own swimming pool. This beach also owns a wide and wide stretch of fine white sand, suitable for walking.

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Every early morning or late afternoon, people in the area go to the beach to swim in large numbers, this is also the busiest time of the day on this beach. There are also small fishing residents selling fish and fresh seafood, caught from the sea, including squid, crabs, shrimp, clams, fish… visitors can buy and eat on the spot. more wonderful.

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Ha My Beach

Perhaps, many people when coming to Hoi An will immediately think of An Bang or Cua Dai beach, but in fact, there are many pristine beaches like Ha My. In fact, Ha My beach is a pristine beach that is not known by many people. However, after being voted in the top one of the most beautiful beaches in Asia by the Telegraph newspaper from the UK, this place has become the new “muse” of Quang Nam when bringing in its gentle, peaceful and beautiful beauty. full of relaxation.

According to Telegraph, a series of beaches in Vietnam are also extremely beautiful, but Ha My beach is charming and creates its own attraction. In addition to being located next to the ancient town of Hoi An, this place can also zoom your eyes on Cu Lao Cham in the water. This is also the pride of Quang Nam people in particular and Vietnam’s tourism industry in general when Ha My beach is next to other big, famous beaches.

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