The beautiful passes in the Central region are breathtakingly beautiful, go once and remember forever

Try to conquer the beautiful passes in the Central region to see the beauty of Vietnam really majestic and charming through each locality, each region.

The beautiful passes in the Central region possess majestic and dreamlike scenery

1. Hai Van Pass 

Hai Van Pass is one of the beautiful passes in the Central region that young people love, possessing both majestic and magnificent scenery and a little challenge that makes every visitor want to conquer. This pass is located along Hai Van mountain, connecting Hue and Da Nang, 20 km from Da Nang, 80 km from Hue city. 

Hai Van Pass is a beautiful pass in the Central regionHai Van Pass connects Hue and Da Nang. Photo: @thuy.vdu

The total length of Hai Van Pass is about 20 km and is located at an altitude of about 500 meters above sea level. This pass is known as the “first pass” in the Central region, lying across the mountain range, like a soft silk strip between heaven and earth. Experiencing the pass is a beautiful journey, when you are able to drive yourself far through the winding bends. 

Hai Van Pass is a beautiful pass in the Central regionThe pass is located at an altitude of 500 meters above sea level. Photo: @lenana_

The higher you go on this pass, the more visitors can fully admire the beauty of the Central region. Looking down, you will see a soft curved road, surrounded by green mountains and forests, in the distance is the beautiful and famous Lang Co fishing village nestled at the foot of the pass.

Hai Van Pass is a beautiful pass in the Central regionThe scenery on the pass is picturesque. Photo: @imvera_j

One of the best experiences on this central pass is to admire the “cloud waterfall” that flows across the white pass like a fairyland. According to the experience of many visitors, from December to 2 rows is the most ideal time for you to hunt the beautiful and beautiful rattan waterfall. 

Hai Van Pass is a beautiful pass in the Central regionOn this pass, there are many beautiful check-in points. Photo: @thecharmingvietnam

In addition, on the journey back to Hai Van Pass, visitors can also stop to check in Don Ca arch bridge , live virtual with a lonely tree standing in the middle of the pass, check in with Cu Rua cliff or stop to take a few pictures. Commemorative photo at the famous U-shaped corner on the pass. Definitely, this youth you have to come here once to see how beautiful Central Vietnam is.

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2. Ca Pass 

Ca Pass is also a beautiful pass in the Central region that many young people love and often drive to experience. This is a pass located on National Highway 1A, crossing Dai Lanh mountain range connecting the two provinces of Khanh Hoa and Phu Yen. With a length of 12 km and an altitude of 333 meters above sea level, this pass really possesses impressive beauty.

Ca Pass is a beautiful pass in the Central regionCa Pass connects the two provinces of Phu Yen and Khanh Hoa. Photo: @vothuan_milan

Ca Pass used to be known as a dangerous pass because of its steep slope, rather difficult terrain and many trucks. This is a big challenge for those who want to go uphill. However, the beautiful scenery of Phu Yen appearing around the pass is a worthy reward for the brave travelers to cross the pass.

Ca Pass is a beautiful pass in the Central regionOn Ca pass, there are also many beautiful check-in points. Photo: @thangngg

For tourists who love conquering the passes, the best thing is to stand on the pass, zoom in to fully enjoy the beauty of the mountains, the sea and the plains of Phu Yen. In the ripe rice season, standing on the pass you will be able to capture the full view of the dreamy scenery of golden rice fields. 

Ca Pass is a beautiful pass in the Central regionGoing down Ca pass, you can also admire the blue sea. Photo: @tyabii_

Especially when standing on the highest position of the Ca Pass, visitors can also see beautiful bays and beaches, among which is the famous Vung Ro bay of Phu Yen province. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to return to the land of Nau, give yourself some time to explore the Ca Pass and admire the impressive scenery of this land. 

3. Cu Mong Pass 

Cu Mong Pass is also a beautiful pass in the Central region that tourists cannot ignore. Still located on National Highway 1A, but Cu Mong Pass connects the two provinces of Binh Dinh and Phu Yen. With a length of only 7 km and a height of 245 meters, Cu Mong pass is also very challenging because of the slope of up to 9% and many sharp turns. 

Cu Mong Pass is a beautiful pass in the Central regionCu Mong Pass is 7 km long, a beautiful pass in the Central region. Photo: @thanhhoan77l1

Compared to many other passes in Vietnam, Cu Mong pass is not too long and not too high. However, that does not mean that the scenery of the pass is less beautiful and less attractive. Along the two sides of the pass is a vast green space, a space of unspoiled mountains and forests, without the hustle and bustle of the city. 

Cu Mong Pass is a beautiful pass in the Central regionInternational tourists stop to explore Cu Mong pass. Photo: @pasqualetto

Along the Cu Mong pass , there are many beautiful corners for visitors to stop and take pictures. In particular, when going to a high position on the pass, you can zoom out into the distance to see Vinh Cuu peninsula – where there is a smooth white sand beach. In addition, on this pass, there is Tuy Hoa leper camp – where poet Han Mac Tu lived in the last years of his life.

4. Khanh Le Pass

Khanh Le Pass is one of the highest passes in the Central region , known by a series of names such as Hon Giao Pass, Long Lanh Pass, Omega Pass, and Khanh Vinh Pass. With a length of about 33 km, this is also one of the longest passes in the territory of Vietnam.  

Khanh Le Pass is a beautiful pass in the Central regionKhanh Le Pass is also known as Khanh Vinh Pass, Hon Giao Pass,… Photo:

Khanh Le Pass is located on provincial road 723 connecting Da Lat and Nha Trang cities, located at an altitude of 1,948 meters above sea level, attracting tourists by its extremely beautiful scenery and impressive bends. In particular, the pass is quite flat, there are not many potholes, so your driving journey is smoother.

Khanh Le Pass is a beautiful pass in the Central regionThis pass connects the city of Da Lat and Nha Trang. Photo: @sinbluebliss.q

Located at an altitude of up to thousands of meters above sea level, Khanh Le Pass opens up a majestic and solemn picture. Below the pass is a deep valley with green forests, sometimes you will encounter waterfalls, murmuring streams. In particular, at an altitude of 1500 meters, visitors also encounter a beautiful white waterfall. 

Khanh Le Pass is a beautiful pass in the Central regionGoing on this pass in the early morning, you can also hunt clouds. Photo: @hungbaitri

The journey to Khanh Le pass takes visitors in turn through round bends, slowly under the winding roads around the craggy mountainside. The feeling of walking on a road with a high cliff on one side and a deep abyss on the other is the best thing for you.

Khanh Le Pass is a beautiful pass in the Central regionBeautiful check-in points on the pass. Photo: @pbttruong

Nearly every position on the pass is an ideal place for you to stop, admire the scenery and take a few check-in photos for a lifetime. And because it’s beautiful, breathtaking, and dangerous, you need to drive carefully, no matter what season of the year you go. 

Khanh Le Pass is a beautiful pass in the Central regionA romantic road on Khanh Le pass. Photo: @trinhhoaitri

Each beautiful pass in the Central region will take you through picturesque roads, enjoying the magnificent and magnificent scenery that is not available everywhere. Although the journey of driving over the pass is a bit difficult and challenging, it will be an unforgettable childhood memory. 

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