The beautiful waterfalls in Bao Loc have amazing scenery

Possessing both majestic and poetic beauty, the beautiful waterfalls in Bao Loc are attractive destinations on the tourist map of this wonderful plateau.

Bao Loc Lam Dong not only has red dirt roads, green tea hills stretching in the valley or the morning dew spreads all the way, but it also has majestic silver waterfalls flowing day and night. in the midst of a great faraway place. The beautiful waterfalls in Bao Loc with poetic and majestic beauty have made many people fall in love with the way back, a place to stop for poetic souls to dream of roaming and immersing in the wonderful nature of the place. great deep blue.

Beautiful waterfall in Bao LocBao Loc is one of the waterfall paradises in Lam Dong with many beautiful waterfalls. Photo: Dieu Linh

Revealing the beautiful waterfalls in Bao Loc fascinate travelers 

1. Damb’ri . Waterfall

Damb’ri Waterfall is located 18km from the center of Bao Loc city in the northeast direction, belonging to Damb’ri Waterfall Tourist Area. It takes about 30 minutes to get here from the city center.

Damb'ri beautiful waterfall in Bao LocDamb’ri Waterfall is a familiar check-in point for tourists. Photo: @tatiana_bess

Damb’ri Waterfall is known as one of the most beautiful and highest waterfalls in Bao Loc with a height of 60m and a width of 30m. This waterfall will make travelers be surprised by the magnificent beauty of nature with the rushing water, pouring down from above with white foam, making the space become blurred, the echo of the month is full. wild like the echoes of history books from thousands of generations still echo.

Beautiful scenery of Damb'ri waterfall in Bao LocThe majestic and magnificent view of Damb’ri waterfall. Photo:@itsrayonce

Seen from afar, Damb’ri waterfall is like a shiny white soft silk, conquering the waterfall by crossing 130 steps along the cliff, you will reach the top of the waterfall where you can admire the view. complete the mysterious primitiveness of the scenery here. In addition, when coming to Damb’ri waterfall, visitors can combine visiting Damb’ri waterfall tourist area and experience conquering the suspension bridge, riding a sled, discovering the life of Chau Ma people… 

Beautiful scenery of Damb'ri waterfall in Bao LocThe scenery around the waterfall possesses a poetic shimmering charm. Photo: @minhtran31093

2. Tam Hop Waterfall (Di Da Pagoda)

Tam Hop Waterfall is one of the beautiful waterfalls in Bao Loc that is very famous. This waterfall is hidden in the wild nature behind the Di Da pagoda campus in Dang Dung village of Da Ton commune, 35km from the city center. Coming to Di Da Pagoda, follow the path behind the temple leading to the primeval forest full of dense shrubs and tall green trees to reach Tam Hop waterfall, On the way beyond the sound of birds singing. Visitors can listen to the sound of the waterfall rumbling from afar.

Tam Hop Waterfall beautiful waterfall in Bao Loc

Tam Hop Waterfall is located on the opposite side of Amitabha Pagoda in Bao Loc. Photo: Cao Cao

Tam Hop Waterfall is formed by three large streams of water pouring down at a height of 70m with sparkling beauty, enchanting charm. The waterfall also possesses the wild and pristine features typical of the mountains and forests of the Central Highlands with the space covered by thin fog creating a magical and shimmering beauty. 

Tam Hop Waterfall beautiful waterfall in Bao LocThe clear white water stands out against the wild mountain background. Photo: Van Chien

Spring Waterfall, a beautiful waterfall in Bao LocThe waterfall looks dreamy and wonderful as the name suggests. Photo: Topten Travel

3. Suoi Mo Waterfall

Suoi Mo Dai Lao Waterfall is also one of the beautiful waterfalls in Bao Loc known by many people. The waterfall is located in Dai Lao commune, 12km from the center of Bao Loc city, in the middle of wild and pristine forests, Suoi Mo waterfall is remembered by the spectacular scenery of the waterfall pouring water all year round.

Suoi Mo Waterfall beautiful waterfall in Bao Loc

Suoi Mo Waterfall is a destination for tourists to explore nature. Photo: Nita Travel 

According to locals, Suoi Mo Waterfall was formerly called Da Ban stream because there are many rocks lying along the stream at the foot of the waterfall. However, later, because of the dreamlike scenery of this place, people changed its name to Suoi Mo waterfall as it is now. Suoi Mo Waterfall does not flow violently, but has a quiet and peaceful appearance, surrounded by immense mountains and forests, so it is very suitable for stopping to relax and enjoy the dreamlike scenery among the fresh mountains. 

Suoi Mo Waterfall beautiful waterfall in Bao LocThe stream of Suoi Mo waterfall has a beautiful and wild landscape. Photo: @hoatroixuongcong

4. Dasara . Waterfall 

Not bearing the fierce majesty but other beautiful waterfalls in Bao Loc , Dasara waterfall possesses a poetic, gentle and gentle appearance, like a muse in spring when blooming brightly. Dasara waterfall is located in the area of ​​Loc Tan commune, Bao Loc city, the most ideal time to visit this waterfall is from December to March next year, at this time the waterfall is very beautiful, the water from upstream pours a lot. very attractive beauty.

Dasara Waterfall beautiful waterfall in Bao LocDasara waterfall with many beautiful cascades. Photo: @squitopus

If you stand from afar, you can see the last 3 floors of the waterfall, but if you follow the forest path to the top, you will be able to admire up to 7 beautiful cascades. In addition to admiring the beauty of the waterfall, visitors exploring Dasara waterfall can visit the neighboring Ma village to see the wild nature of the mountains and forests. 

Dasara Waterfall beautiful waterfall in Bao LocMany foreign tourists come to Dasara waterfall because they are fascinated by the peaceful and wild beauty here. Photo: @life_on_the_ej

5. Loc Phat Double Fishing Waterfall

This is a cluster of two beautiful waterfalls in Bao Loc located close to each other, so it is very convenient for visitors to move and check-in in one route. The waterfall is located in the area of ​​Loc Phat ward, 1km from the center of Bao Loc city. From the center of Phec junction to National Highway 20, you turn to Nguyen Van Cu Street and go for another 1km, you will see a concrete bridge and Cau Doi waterfall located at the foot of the bridge. Cau Doi waterfall is very steep, falling into a narrow abyss, the flow is strong and melancholy into the valley like a big dragon.

Dasara Waterfall beautiful waterfall in Bao LocBao Loc Double Bridge Waterfall seen from above is very majestic. Photo: FB/ Bao Loc

Loc Phat Waterfall is also known as Dam Rong waterfall, just 2km from Cau Doi waterfall, this waterfall has up to 3 flows from a height of 20m down with two strong currents on both sides and a thinner middle stream. The continuous movement creates an enchanting majesty, especially a cliff full of beautiful wild sunflowers, virgins, wild daisies or princes. 

. Exploring the beautiful waterfalls in Bao Loc , a poetic place with the sound of a majestic, wild land will surely be an attractive memory for your adventure journey to new horizons.

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