The cake filter cake market Do, Hai Phong 3 hours sold out 10,000 units

The rice cake with fish sauce and bone broth of the original owner of Hue is loved by many Hai Phong people.

Recently, the Hai Phong food tour has become a travel trend that everyone wants to experience once. Thanks to the strong spread, the city’s specialties have been brought closer to tourists in all parts of the country. It seems that everyone around the world can tell about a series of delicious dishes here such as spicy bread, Beo cake, crab cakes, coconut tea…

However, the cuisine of the port land does not stop at the map around Hai Phong. There are still dishes and restaurants that if not local people “point” no one knows where. Like the filter cake, Do market is a typical example.


Present at the front door of the house opposite the gate of Tam Bac market (Cho Do) at 3 pm, it was still hot, and we constantly received questions from passersby: “Have you sold cakes here yet?”, “Do you know where the “peek-a-boo” cake is sold?”, “Is it for sale today?”…

Since I called ahead of time, I’m sure the cake lady will show up today. However, she did not know how many cakes were left in the process of moving from Lach Tray Street to here.

Talking to Ms. Ha, a clothing business a few hundred meters away from the car: “The people of Do Market are no stranger to this bakery. I witnessed her from when she was still carrying a basket and walking along Phan Boi Chau street to the time she changed to a bicycle. Almost every day someone asks me, but who knows, this lady’s schedule changes constantly like the director, lucky to meet her.”

At more than 3:30, the woman riding a red bicycle with a cart full of bottles of fish sauce had parked in a familiar place. We quickly ran out to order 10 cakes of filter powder full of dried onions, coriander and shredded carrots.

While enjoying the hot cakes, I saw her quickly getting the cake ready for the box, in case the crowd wouldn’t make it in time. Many people go to the market, some people are choosing clothes on the side of the road and rush to buy them right away. Occasionally, she receives a few phone calls from customers asking where they are selling.

Tra Huong and her best friend traveled from Do Son: “In the past, I went to Tran Phu 3 school, so I often “hunt” with my close friends at Nguyen Duc Canh. After that, she also chose a fixed point here but I still got cheated many times. So now if you want to eat, you have to call to check first before entering the street. However, I also have to “suppress” my cravings from the full moon of July until now, I’ve called more than 3 times and she’s been back home for too long.”

“One day, when I parked a red light at the intersection of Cau Dat, she was on the other side of the road, seeing that there were still a few bottles of fish sauce, so I was sure there were still cakes. However, waiting for the light to turn green and then running to Do market, she had exactly 3 left. Fortunately, today, we meet, so “racquet” always gives the whole family a snack.”, Huyen has just bought 50.


In fact, the filter cake is not a specialty of Hai Phong, there are many goods sold in the city’s markets. However, one of the things that makes this restaurant special, everyone wants to eat it, is because of the “wrong” sauce.

According to the owner of the cake, she is a native of Hue, so she was taught to make it by her mother and grandmother from a young age. After following her husband to Hai Phong to start a business 14 years ago, seeing that this cake was still very strange to people here, I decided to try it.

At first, she followed the traditional taste of filter cake of the Hue people. The part of the cake with the fragrant fried shrimp and meat is very suitable for the taste of the people of the Port. The only thing, people commented that the “original” sauce was too salty, and spicy, and the smell of garlic and chili was too strong.

“Gradually researching, I discovered that Hai Phong people really like homemade fish sauce with sweetness from bone broth and minced garlic, those who want to eat spicy will adjust later. Then she decided to take a risk and change to this kind of fish sauce. Who would have thought it would be so warmly received by everyone over the years. “, said Ms. L.

There are also many people who told her that she is afraid that she is Hue but deliberately changing the recipe will lose the culinary quintessence of her homeland. However, Ms. L. doesn’t think so much: “I’m serving Hai Phong people, so I have to do what suits them best. People still call her Hue filter cake seller.” Ms. L. shared.


Not only has the sales style of “peek-a-boo like a director” or the sauce “joined at will”, the price of cakes here is also very impressive. It is known that since opening for sale, she has kept the price of 1,000 a unit and has not changed for the past 9 years. Only from the beginning of this year, when the price of raw materials increased rapidly, did she balance it and increase it to 2,000 each.

“I always try to find the ingredients at the “watershed” and then the husband and wife and their children transport, process and do it themselves, from preparation to the final product,” Ms. L said.

And that’s also the reason why many people recommend investing in a kiosk at Do market or in a private house for convenience, but Ms. L. is still only loyal to her bike.

When the food tour movement flourished, there were also acquaintances who introduced more guests, but she did not dare to accept too much because she was worried that she could not do it all. On average, Ms. L’s family will make 8000-10,000 pieces a day. Every 2 pm, 6000 units are arranged in advance to be delivered to wholesale customers, the rest will be steamed hot and sold at street vendors.

Each small pot as shown in the picture can hold 1200 filter cakes. On the way to cycling from home to the Do market, Ms. L also sold almost 2 pots of cakes. The rest, just need to park the car from 3:35 to about 5 pm to be able to rest.

Photo: Internet