The charming beauty of the Quay Son River in Cao Bang

Beside Ban Gioc waterfall or Thang Hen lake, Quay Son river is also a famous scenic spot with poetic and charming beauty in Cao Bang that visitors cannot ignore.

Introduction to the Quay Son River

Quy Son, Que Son, or Quy Xuan is an international river originating in Tinh Tay district, Bach Sac city, Guangxi province, China, flowing south into Vietnam’s territory at Ngoc Con commune, Trung Khanh district. Cao Bang province. Then its confluence with 2 small tributaries in Phong Nam commune to form a magnificent mainstream in Dinh Phong and Dam Thuy communes.

The whole river is about 89 km long, with an area of ​​1,160 km2 and the average height of the water level is 556m, especially the section of the river flowing through Cao Bang is 49 km long, with a basin area of ​​475 km2 and poetic beauty. like a picture, so it always attracts a lot of tourists to visit every year. 'Xuu up faint down' before the charming beauty of the Que Son River in Cao BangThe poetic and majestic river (Photo @hlinnhg)

How to get to Quay Son River?

From the center of Cao Bang city, visitors go to the southwest to Highway 3, when coming to Shop Son – Hoa Num Vlxd, turn left onto provincial road 206, then just go straight to Dam Thuy commune area. is the Quy Son Community Tourist Area on the left side of the road.

The majestic and poetic beauty of the Quay Son river

The first impression on the Que Son River in Cao Bang is that it has a unique jade green color such as “Tuyet Tinh Coc” mentioned by Kim Dung in the movie swordplay. The interesting point is that except for days with prolonged rain or floods, the water color is always this charming, making everyone fascinated.

Besides, due to the winding river stretching through many areas, each location will have its own beauty: there is a place to embrace the towering limestone foothills to create a charming landscape, nestling. Under the bamboo groves, the clumps have grown luxuriantly and green for thousands of generations, creating an idyllic but dear beauty, in some places it is like a silk strip over the stacked fields like a ladder , or green grass dunes, poetic white reeds and bright yellow maple leaves on the hills… make travelers “bewildered” to watch.Blue water - the highlight of the Quay Son river The poetic scene on the river (Photo @nhan.caoky)

Moreover, most of the rivers have a peaceful beauty, smoothly watching the passage of time, even some sections are still as clear and smooth as a giant mirror reflecting the silhouette of all things. However, there are also places full of energy, powerfully wriggling through the rocks, throwing white foam and emitting a fierce “screaming” sound, attracting visitors from afar to admire.calm water - interesting features of the river Quay Son Peaceful blue river water (Photo @metthao_)

In particular, walking along the riverbank, we will sometimes come across images: a few rafts assembled from the cork trees of fishermen floating on the immense green or fat buffaloes swimming and bathing wash under the water in the sunset before going back to the barn…makes the picture of nature suddenly become warmer and closer by the taste of life, of labor.wooden raft - beauty of labor on the river Quynh Impressive image of labor on the river (Photo @mailh0809)

Not only that, the scene of wooden water gyros operating all day and night also contributes to the poetic and lyrical look of the “wonderland” of Quay Son . Those “eternal water machines” are taken from very natural materials of the mountains and forests, but through the skillful hands of local people, they have created a unique culture of the high mountains in general. and Cao Bang in particular.Water gyroscope - interesting point on the Que Son River in Cao BangWaterwheel on the river (Photo @exploretheworld_too)

Amazing experiences on the Quay Son river

1. SUP / kayak

The best way to fully enjoy the beauty of this majestic river is by kayaking or paddle boarding. Of course, you don’t need to bring them, because in some areas by the river will be available to rent them, with both protective equipment, rescue and accompanying crew to protect the safety of visitors.

On the Quay Son river, there are many sections of fog and steam covered all over the river’s eyes, every time you paddle, you will feel like you are walking in the fog, extremely interesting. However, there will be sections where there are many rapids with fast flowing water, it is very exciting to paddle through, but only for those who are healthy and familiar with their hands, because a little carelessness will lead to being swept straight down the waterfall.Boating - exciting experience at Quay Son river River boating is a very attractive activity (Photo @blue.nomad)

The places that can be rowed are: from Ban Gioc waterfall to Dam Thuy border post, or from Keo Na village, Hang Thoang village and Thong Cot village to Dit village. And the right time to participate in this experience is from October to March, which is the dry season in Cao Bang.

2. River bathing

The clear water of the Quai Son River is an extremely ideal spot for visitors to immerse themselves in cooling off in the sweltering summer. And of course, with this experience, you can only choose calm water sections near residential areas.Bathing - attractive activity at Quay Son river Bathing in the river is also very good (Photo @vietonthemove)

3. See Ban Gioc Waterfall

It is quite interesting that the Quy Son stream also flows through Ban Gioc waterfall – one of the most famous majestic and poetic landscapes in Vietnam, so it will be a huge omission if you cruise on the river. Do not visit this place.

A little tip for you, the best time to visit this waterfall is around September and October, because this is the water season, the water flowing down from above is extremely abundant and intense, white foam. Covering an area of ​​the sky, helping you not only admire the scenery and take pictures, it is also super beautiful.Ban Gioc Waterfall - an attractive destination on the Quay Son River The most beautiful waterfall is the water season (Photo @blackcat.nys)

4. Enjoy the food

Quai Son River flows through many ethnic villages, so you will have the opportunity to enjoy many attractive local specialties. But perhaps the most impressive are the products that the river offers, such as: agarwood fish – a famous specialty of Trung Khanh near and far or the rare Anh Vu fish.

5. Take a photo 

Before the beautiful painting in Quy NhonTrung Khanh, if you don’t immediately bring up your camera to take some commemorative photos, it’s really too bad for nature. In particular, the most ideal time to produce “top-notch photos” is when the sun shines in the blue sky at dawn and at sunset, making the lake surface like a new shirt.sunset - beautiful scenery on the Quay Son river Magical moment when evening falls (Photo @vietnamesewanderlust)

Revealing, it is advisable to shoot from a far angle to capture the beauty of the natural scenery as well as the peaceful beauty of the surrounding countryside. If you have the conditions, you can invest in a flycam to take pictures, because the view from the top is super magical.Shooting from above - how to capture the Quy Son River Shooting from above is the most beautiful (Photo: Van Song Nguyen)

The ideal time to see the Quay Son River

Except for the flood season in the northern mountainous provinces around July and August, which causes the river water to rise, turbid, and the flow to be strong, causing many dangers, all the remaining times you can to visit the Quy Son River .

However, it will be the best if you come here in the ripe rice season around the end of September, early October, especially the river section about 10km in the Phong Nam valley, with vast rice fields, one after another radiating light. The bright yellow color of the sun, especially when viewed from above, will form an extremely majestic, poetic and impressive landscape picture.Ripe rice season - time to go to Quay Son riverRipe rice season is incredibly beautiful (Photo: Cao Ky Nhan)

In addition, the most impressive moment of the Quay Son Cao Bang stream is early in the morning, when the sun has not yet risen from the top of the mountain, the mist has not dissipated, embracing the river surface, covering the whole landscape. surrounding, making the space like a magical fairyland, just being watched once is unforgettable for a lifetime.early morning - beautiful scenery on the river Quay Son Magical scene in the early morning (Photo: Dung Anh Vu)

Coming to Cao Bang without once stopping by the Quay Son River in Trung Khanh, your trip is really incomplete!

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