The colors of rice fields in Tinh Bien

AN GIANG – The rice fields stretching as far as the eye can see in Tinh Bien district show up impressively through the lens of a young man who loves photography from An Giang.

Duong Viet Anh, 37 years old, works at Lam Vien Nui Cam tourist area in An Giang province , passionate about taking pictures of the vast rice fields here.

Born and raised in An Giang, for Viet Anh, rice fields are the typical image of the homeland. Looking at the rice fields spreading the wings of storks flying, he felt the peace, rustic and poetic in this land.

Tinh Bien is a border district of An Giang province, about 80 km from Long Xuyen city and about 260 km from Ho Chi Minh City. To get to the beautiful ripe rice fields in Tinh Bien, you can search on the map the location of points such as “toughttt Twin – Van Giao commune, Tinh Bien” or “legendary jaggery row – Van Giao” , Tinh Bien”.

Tinh Bien attracts tourists with its diverse space, from high mountains to spreading rice fields. In addition, the cool and fresh air all year round also makes the land a favorite destination for many people.

Around November is the time when the rice fields turn brilliant yellow, so this is also the best time to see the golden season in An Giang.

You can stay at local inns, or choose homestays around the Cam Mountain area as this is a popular tourist destination in An Giang.

From Cam Mountain, you can easily drive to visit rice fields in Van Giao, Tinh Bien or visit the well-known Ta Pa rice fields in nearby Tri Ton district.

Viet Anh shares his experience, to get good photos and enjoy the peaceful space of this place, you should go early in the morning to watch the sunrise at about 5:30 or in the afternoon to watch the sunset at around 4pm.

Before dawn, Khmer farmers went to the fields. The image of people cycling or walking on the trail between the straight palm trees and the misty fields creates an idyllic and dear picture.

Viet Anh took thousands of photos at different times in the rice fields. But his favorite moment is when dawn has just risen, the whole sky is red in the palm tree field in Van Giao commune, Tinh Bien district, An Giang.

Photo: Duong Viet Anh