The curves of Da Lat

Photographer Tran Van Cuong loves the winding roads in Da Lat and surrounding areas, calling these charming curves.

The curves of Da Lat
Photographer and freelance tour guide in Da Lat , Tran Van Cuong, recorded images of winding roads in the city of thousands of flowers and surrounding areas many times leading guests to take pictures. “There are countless such curves in Da Lat, can’t remember the exact number, but the way on the photo is also very poetic and romantic,” he said. In the photo is a newly opened road at Cau Dat tea hill.
The curves of Da Lat - 1
The road to the lonely pine tree area is chosen by many tourists and people as a wedding photography spot. The popularity of this street is large, so it has its own name, Bai Bang, with many shops. “Just go, see where there are many couples standing to take wedding photos, this is the holy angle,” Cuong said.
The curves of Da Lat - 2
The small roads, flanked by pine forests make visitors feel like they are lost in the scenery of a Nordic country. The entrance to Ankroet hydroelectric power station is a bit high and steep, not suitable for people who are afraid of heights, but beautiful photos. “The roads are all flat asphalt, easy to access by both motorbikes and cars, nothing difficult to explore,” Cuong said. In addition, he said that these are all roads where vehicles rarely appear, so it is safe, and visitors have many private moments to take pictures with peace of mind.
The curves of Da Lat - 3
You can climb the hills to better see the softness of the winding roads. Pictured is the road in Lavender Tourist Area, overlooking Tuyen Lam Lake. Cuong said that even though it belongs to a tourist area, this spot is currently free of entry tickets.
The curves of Da Lat - 5
Photography tip is to choose a position higher than the road surface to set up the camera, and choose an angle that covers the curvature of the road. The best time to take pictures is in the morning, from 7:30 to 9 am, the sun shines obliquely. Visitors can choose days with dew, photos will be more ghostly. In the photo is the S-curve at Ankroet hydropower plant, which is also the route that Cuong likes the most.
The curves of Da Lat - 6
If you can’t arrange the morning, you should take pictures of the roads at 2pm – 4pm. After this time, it will be difficult to get a good photo due to insufficient light. Through these suggestions, Cuong hopes that in addition to the familiar places, visitors to Da Lat should check-in with “curves”, leaving dusty pictures, bringing the breath of an adventure. save.

Photo: Tran Van Cuong