The delicious dishes of Vietnam are famous throughout the 3 regions, have you eaten them all?

There are many delicious Vietnamese dishes that are loved and very popular today such as fish cakes, crab cakes, squid cakes, cinnamon rolls, etc., contributing to the diversity of the country’s cuisine.

The most famous Vietnamese delicacies

1. La Vong fish cake

La Vong grilled fish is one of the delicious dishes of Vietnam , as well as a specialty of the capital Hanoi. This is a dish born in the French colonial period, made from sliced ​​halibut marinated, then grilled over charcoal and finally fried in a fat pan, creating a delicious and attractive fish cake.
 La Vong grilled fish is a delicious Vietnamese dishLa Vong grilled fish is a delicious specialty of Hanoi. Photo: @rasianbran

In addition to the main ingredient of sardines, whether this dish is delicious or not depends on the spices that are marinated. Usually, fish cakes are marinated from fish sauce, shrimp paste, turmeric powder, batch rice, minced galangal, etc. to create a rich flavor. The process of baking in a charcoal oven, then frying in more oil, creates a crispy crunch for the patties. 
 La Vong grilled fish is a delicious Vietnamese dishAttractive fried golden fish cake. Photo: @its_mitime

For a long time, La Vong fish cake has become a specialty of Hanoi’s traditional cuisine. There are many ways to enjoy this fish cake. Which, Ha Thanh people often eat with vermicelli, rice paper, add green vegetables, dill, scallions and dip with seasoning sauce. 

2. Quang Ninh squid cake

Anyone who has ever traveled to Quang Ninh probably knows the specialty of this province, which is grilled squid. This is also a delicious dish made by a chef in a foreign restaurant since the French colonial period. Later, squid cake was gradually created and improved to suit the taste of Vietnamese people, turning the dish into a famous delicacy in Quang Ninh.
 Quang Ninh squid cake is a delicious dish of VietnamGrilled squid is a specialty of Quang Ninh. Photo: @thucphammienbacminhthuy

To make this delicious Vietnamese dish , people use fresh squid that is cleaned, ground or pounded. Then add spices such as seasoning seeds, soup powder, dried onions, green onions, and pepper, … with the right ratio. The last step is to create a skillful circle, fry it until it’s cooked and you can enjoy it.
 Quang Ninh squid cake is a delicious dish of VietnamCrispy yellow squid, delicious and attractive. Photo: @nguyenthithu5784

The original Ha Long squid is delicious and the meat is very sweet, used to make many dishes such as cooking vermicelli, sour soup, making cakes, squid rolls with tomato sauce, etc. Or you can fry squid rolls, dipping them with soy sauce. Spicy chili is able to fully feel the attractive flavor of this delicious dish.

3. Da Nang beef jerky

Among Vietnamese dishes , Da Nang beef jerky is also an attractive specialty that you cannot ignore. The beef patty of the most livable city in Vietnam has a sweet taste, and a characteristic aroma with a beautiful red-pink circle. This dish is very popular on the occasion of the New Year or the death anniversary.
 Da Nang beef jerky is a delicious Vietnamese dishThe beef patty just looked at it, it was delicious to the eyes. Photo: @nguyen_nhien82

Da Nang beef jerky is made from fresh beef and some spices such as garlic, chili, and pepper to enhance the flavor of the dish. Fresh beef bought, washed, pureed, and seasoned with spices to taste. Then, the meat is ground 3 more times before being wrapped and steamed. Da Nang beef jerky is a delicious Vietnamese dishBeef jerky can be eaten alone or combined with many other delicious dishes. Photo: @chabangoc0935001829

Authentic Da Nang beef patties must have the natural sweetness of beef, the richness of spices, and a certain crunchiness. This dish is often served with many other dishes such as spring rolls, pickles, bread, etc. to create an irresistible flavor.

4. Hanoi cinnamon rolls

Among Vietnamese delicacies , cinnamon rolls are also excellent dishes not to be missed. This dish has a similar cooking method as spring rolls. However, the difference between cinnamon rolls is that outside the layer of rolls, there is a mixture of cinnamon powder, cooking oil and honey with a golden color, creating an extremely eye-catching aroma. 
 Hanoi cinnamon rolls are delicious Vietnamese rollsHanoi is also the cradle of attractive cinnamon rolls. Photo: @TVP Food

The cinnamon roll is a delicious dish originating from ancient Hanoi, with a delicious, easy-to-eat taste. With this dish, you can eat it as a snack, served with bread, rolls, vermicelli, hot rice, etc. to increase the deliciousness of the dish. Because the main ingredients of pork roll are pork and fat, it contains many nutrients and provides enough energy for people to eat. 
 Hanoi cinnamon rolls are delicious Vietnamese rollsThe cinnamon rolls are extremely attractive and eye-catching. Photo: @xucxichtuoi

Today, cinnamon rolls are also created with vegetarian cinnamon rolls for vegetarians or vegans. Instead of using meat, people use tofu, flour and seasoning with spices to taste. Compared with traditional cinnamon rolls, vegetarian cinnamon rolls have less energy and do not cause weight gain. 

5. Hue crab cakes

Among the delicious dishes of Vietnam , Hue crab cakes are also famous delicious dishes. This is a dish originating from the Northern Delta provinces, gradually spreading to many localities. Today, Hue crab cakes are famous throughout the central provinces, loved by domestic and international tourists. 
 Hue crab cake is a delicious dish of VietnamCrab cake is also a delicious specialty that many people love. Photo: @dieuthaos

To make this dish, people will mix fresh sea crab meat, add lean pork, chicken eggs and spices such as coriander, dried onion, pepper, salt, monosodium glutamate, cashew color, wood ear, etc. born the dish with the most delicious taste. Thanks to the source of quality ingredients, Hue crab cakes are not only delicious but also nutritious and good for human health. 
 Hue crab cake is a delicious dish of VietnamCha crab is used to cook vermicelli and many other dishes. Photo: @thaohuynh2010

By enjoying Hue crab cakes, you will feel the sweet taste of natural sea crabs, and the rich flavor of spices mixed into each piece. Crab cakes are originally a type of life, used to cook dishes such as vermicelli, deep-fried, soup, … creating very unique and delicious dishes. 
 Hue crab cake is a delicious dish of VietnamCrab cakes are packaged as a kind of raw, used to prepare many delicious dishes. Photo: @dieuthaos

Each delicious Vietnamese dish will have its own ingredients and recipes, bringing delicious and attractive dishes. If you have the opportunity to travel to Hanoi, Hai Phong, Hue, etc., remember to taste the delicious dishes made from these types of rolls to see that Vietnamese cuisine is really diverse and excellent.

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