The delicious rice dishes of Vietnam bring the quintessence of heaven and earth, famous everywhere 

Each delicious Vietnamese rice dish such as Vong village’s nuggets, Tu Le’s nuggets, Soc Trang’s flat rice has its own unique delicious taste, once eaten, remembered forever.

The delicious rice dishes of Vietnam are famous in all regions

1. Com Vong village in Hanoi 

Com Vong village in Hanoi is one of the delicious rice dishes of Vietnam , famous throughout the country. Have you ever heard the two verses: “Com Vong, Me Tri eight rice, Tuong co, Lang basil is more delicious”? This is the poetic idea expressing the deliciousness and reputation of Ha Thanh delicious rice.
 Vong village com is delicious Vietnamese riceHanoi has a famous dish of Com Vong village. Photo: @ngominh91

According to legend, Com Vong village has existed for thousands of years, a gift that nature bestowed on farmers. Each grain of Com Vong is a crystallization of the taste of heaven and earth, carrying in it a fragrant and cool colostrum flavor that not all types of nuggets have.
 Vong village com is delicious Vietnamese riceCom Vong village has aromatic plasticity, ethereal sweet duck. Photo: @cashouse.danang

Now, Com Vong has become a specialty of Hanoi, a delicacy that locals love, and tourists from far and near all choose to buy it as a gift. The gentle, ethereal aroma and soft plasticity have created the characteristics of Hanoi ‘s Vong village rice . Therefore, this gift food becomes an attractive delicacy every late summer and early autumn. 
 Vong village com is delicious Vietnamese riceIn autumn, Hanoi people are eagerly waiting for the delicious first-season nuggets. Photo: @minho.cute

In the first days of autumn, Vong villagers are busy with the stages of making nuggets. The people who peeled the shells, the people who handled the rice husks, and those who pounded the nuggets enthusiastically, in order to create loads of fragrant nuggets to serve for those who are waiting for autumn to come and enjoy the nutritious green nuggets.
 Vong village com is delicious Vietnamese riceGreen nuggets must be wrapped in lotus leaves. Photo: @ngocbittttt

Based on the experience left by their forefathers, the villagers of Vong village increasingly develop the profession of making nuggets, giving birth to green, flexible and fragrant nuggets. By its original deliciousness, the reputation of Com Vong is more and more widespread, associated with the childhood of many Hanoians. 
 Vong village com is delicious Vietnamese riceCom Vong village is associated with the childhood of many generations of Ha Thanh people. Photo: @vtv24news

Vong village com – delicious Vietnamese nuggets are used to make many attractive dishes such as fried rice, mixed tea, pomelo tea, fried rice with coconut, rice cake,…. The sweetness of the nuggets and the natural cool green color make the dishes not only delicious but also beautiful and eye-catching. 
 Vong village com is delicious Vietnamese riceCom Vong village is a specialty that many tourists buy as gifts. Photo: @suachua_m

Currently, the price of Vong nuggets ranges from 20,000 to 25,000 VND/tang. To buy good quality rice, visitors should choose to buy it at prestigious addresses in Vong village and some places in Me Tri. In addition, you should buy nuggets in the right season because the flavor of rice milk is obvious and the taste of young nuggets is much better than that made at the end of the season. 

2. Com Tu Le

If the capital Hanoi has the famous Vong village’s nuggets, Yen Bai has the specialty of Tu Le nuggets . If you have the opportunity to travel to Yen Bai, you must once enjoy this rice dish or buy it as a gift for relatives and friends. Since ancient times, Tu Le nuggets have been famous for their large round nuggets with beautiful natural green color.
 Tu Le Com is a delicious Vietnamese rice dishYen Bai has specialty Tu Le nuggets. Photo: @hzhaza

Just like in Hanoi, when the Tu Le rice season begins to ripen, people are busy harvesting sticky rice to produce the famous “com” dish of this land. Tu Le sticky rice gives birth to sweet and fragrant sticky rice grains, known as the “first culinary quintessence” of the Northwest region of our country.
 Tu Le Com is a delicious Vietnamese rice dishCom Tu Le is known as the first quintessence of the Northwest. Photo: @ lela_foods

Every year, every September, people in the villages of Tu Le commune start busy harvesting sticky rice and carrying out the stages of making nuggets. The sound of mortars pounding, laughter and laughter everywhere. For local people, making nuggets is a traditional profession, bringing great flavors to life.
 Tu Le Com is a delicious Vietnamese rice dishTu Le nuggets are soft and fragrant, the aftertaste is slightly bitter before turning to sweet. Photo: @lananh.nguyen11

Tu Le com has become a specialty of Yen Bai because of its characteristic green color, fragrant granules and a bit bitter aftertaste before turning to a sweet taste. In order to make quality batches of nuggets, Thai girls have to go to the fields early in the morning, choose the plump and round rice grains to reap carefully. 
 Tu Le Com is a delicious Vietnamese rice dishBack to Yen Bai, remember to buy Tu Le nuggets as a gift. Photo: @thaotep14

Up to now, the Thai ethnic people still keep the traditional way of making nuggets to create the best batches of rice with the best quality. So when you have the opportunity to travel to Tu Le Yen Bai , you definitely have to buy nuggets to eat or as a gift. Delicacies that are produced with great care, fully marinated with the quintessence of the Northwest heaven and earth, will not disappoint you. 

3. Soc Trang flat rice

If the North has specialties of Tu Le and Vong village, the South has Soc Trang flat rice. This is a famous dish of the Khmer people. The flat rice dish of the Khmer is used to worship the people of the moon on Okombok (the full moon of the tenth month of the lunar calendar) every year. At the same time, this is also a specialty of the Southwest region , famous throughout the land of nine dragons. 
 Soc Trang flat rice is a delicious Vietnamese rice dishThe West has a famous delicious flat rice dish. Photo: @jinnytasty

Every year in the 11th lunar month, when the north wind begins to blow on the fields, the Khmer people will select young sticky rice fields to reap and start the stages of making flat rice. When harvested, people choose the largest seeds, roasted on a hot pan, mix continuously until crackling, fragrant, then pounded.
 Soc Trang flat rice is a delicious Vietnamese rice dishFlat rice is a delicacy of the Khmer people. Photo: @win_00

This delicious Vietnamese com dish is pounded evenly and vigorously on narrow and deep bowls, forming thin, even, large rice cakes that retain their full aromaticity. Finished Soc Trang flat rice is carefully preserved in baskets. When eating, people will steal nuggets with coconut, creating an attractive and irresistible dish. 
 Soc Trang flat rice is a delicious Vietnamese rice dishFlat rice mixed with coconut is a famous dish of Soc Trang. Photo: @vivian.thaovo

For a long time, Khmer flat rice has become a specialty of Soc Trang in particular and of Westerners in general. The most famous brands are Phu Tan and Chau Hung nuggets. These are two communes famous for their long-standing nuggets-making in Soc Trang. If you want to buy the best and most delicious nuggets, you can’t ignore these two places.
 Soc Trang flat rice is a delicious Vietnamese rice dishSoc Trang flat rice has a blue color and an ivory white type. Photo: @duongvymint

Although it is just a snack food, the Western flat rice is a delicious dish that provides a lot of nutrition and energy. Today, nuggets are also used to make tet cakes, as raw materials for the preparation of fried banana bread and durian cakes, which are extremely delicious and attractive. However, the most standard thing is that brown rice mixed with coconut is a famous dish throughout the West of the river. 
 Soc Trang flat rice is a delicious Vietnamese rice dishBack to Soc Trang, remember to buy flat rice as a gift. Photo: @lewchews

Each delicious Vietnamese rice dish is the quintessence of heaven and earth and the hard work of humans. Com Vong, Tu Le or Soc Trang will bring a unique flavor but all are delicious, attractive, once eaten, you will remember forever. 

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