The Detina Park Binh Phuoc – beautiful virtual coordinates like the West sky

Did you know that right here in Binh Phuoc, there are super beautiful and quality virtual coordinates like Europe? That is The Destina Binh Phuoc park, also known as Dong Xoai park. Let’s find out what this park has to offer.

Locating the coordinates of The Destin Binh Phuoc park

The Destina Park is located at Complex Urban Area – Cat Tuong Landscape, Phu Hung, National Highway 14, Tan Phu, Dong Xoai city center, Binh Phuoc. The park officially went into operation in 2019 and quickly became a favorite entertainment and virtual living spot for young people. The attraction of The Destin Binh Phuoc park is the beautiful landscape and the works with unique architecture. If you have the opportunity to visit Dong Xoai, you definitely cannot ignore this attractive destination.
 The Detina Park Binh Phuoc - addressDestin Park is famous for its beautiful architecture

How to get to The Destin park 

The Destina Binh Phuoc Park is about 103km from the center of Saigon, you can choose to take a bus or a motorbike, it takes about 2 hours to reach this place. Starting from the center of Saigon, you go in the direction of DT471 road to Binh Phuoc -> turn to DH507 road to come. 

If you don’t know the way, you can look up google maps or ask people along the way. Or you can take a bus to Binh Phuoc bus station and then continue to take a taxi to The Destin park.
 The Destina Binh Phuoc park - commutingHow to get to The Destin park 

What does The Destin park have to play?

Exploring The Destina Binh Phuoc park, you will be extremely overwhelmed with famous architectural works in the world reproduced right here. Take a walk on the green lawns and explore famous destinations in France, the USA, the UK, Italy. Visit France with Notre Dame, Apollo fountain or monumental Arc de Triomphe.
 The Destina Binh Phuoc park - visitMagnificent architectural works like the land of the West

Continue your journey to discover the lavish, magnificent America with Times Square and the splendid White House. Then visit England with Big Ben clock tower – a very famous symbol of the land of fog.The Destin Binh Phuoc park - beautiful sceneryVirtual living paradise with super beautiful shooting angles. Photo: I’m Binh Phuoc

Not stopping there, coming to The Destina Binh Phuoc park you can also explore Italy with the Colosseum or the very famous Trojan horse. You will be delighted to check in live virtual beautiful pictures as if you are “lost” in the distant West. The Destina Binh Phuoc park - virtual livingThe famous wooden horse model in Italy has been recreated. Photo: I’m Binh Phuoc

As can be seen, The Destina park is like a colorful painting that stands out in the heart of the beautiful city of Dong Xoai. When you come here, remember to choose for yourself beautiful outfits and luxurious background corners as a souvenir. The Detina Park Binh Phuoc - check-inClose-up of a beautiful virtual living corner in the park. Photo: I’m Binh Phuoc

Besides The Destina Binh Phuoc park , you can combine visiting the very famous Mango – Suoi Mo park nearby. This park is planted with more than 300 large and small mango trees of rare mango varieties in the world. In addition, Mango – Suoi Mo Park is also designed with large green trees and grass, an amusement and exercise area. The Destina Binh Phuoc park - visitCheck-in the famous Big Ben tower in the UK. Photo: I’m Binh Phuoc

Famous tourist attractions in Dong Xoai

In addition, you can also combine visiting other famous tourist attractions in Dong Xoai such as:

– Dong Xoai Victory Monument : This is a famous historical and cultural architectural work in Dong Xoai. A victory monument was built with the symbol of the famous Dong Xoai victory of the nation. This site is currently recognized as a national historic site.
 The Destin Binh Phuoc Park - Victory MonumentDong Xoai Victory Monument

Suoi Lam Lake: With an area of ​​400ha, Suoi Lam Lake possesses beautiful natural scenery and is surrounded by immense rubber forests. The surface of Suoi Lam lake is as blue as a mirror, an ideal destination for fun and relaxation. 

– Ba Ra Mountain: is the third highest mountain in the Southeast with a large area of ​​12000ha. Visiting Ba Ra mountain, visitors will be able to trek this famous mountain or take a cable car. From the top of Ba Ra mountain, visitors will admire the beautiful panorama below. The Destin Binh Phuoc park - Ba Ra mountainCombine to visit Ba Ra Mountain

– Bu Gia Map National Park : You can also “change the wind” with Bu Gia Map National Park to explore the beautiful scenery here. Bu Gia Map National Park is also a camping site and an attractive BBQ party. In addition, when visiting this place, visitors can also enjoy many delicious specialties of the M’nong and S’tieng people.

Notes when going to The Destin Binh Phuoc park

To have an interesting and interesting trip at The Destina Binh Phuoc park , you should also save the following information:

– Should go in the early morning and late afternoon, because noon is often hot.

– The best time to take pictures at the park is at dawn or dusk. 

– Bring a camera or a phone with a capture function to keep the pictures as a souvenir. 

– Do not arbitrarily throw garbage in the park. 

– Do not draw on the structures in the park. 

– Regarding eating and drinking, you can bring food and water along with a carpet on the grass. Or move to the center of Dong Xoai town, there are many delicious restaurants and eateries.

Above is the whole experience of discovering the most interesting Destina Binh Phuoc park . Hope to help you have a memorable trip when you have the opportunity to visit Dong Xoai. Do not forget to “pocket” useful Binh Phuoc tourism information. 

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