The enchanting Four-Storey Waterfall in the middle of the primeval forest

Every 50 meters up, you will see a waterfall. There are a total of 4 such waterfalls in the middle of the primeval forest, creating a Four-Storey Waterfall that attracts adventure and exploration tourists.

Four-Storey Waterfall is like a young girl's soft hair - Photo: DUNG NHAN
Four-Storey Waterfall is like a young girl’s soft hair – Photo: DUNG NHAN

Coming to An Lao district, the land is considered “Da Lat of Binh Dinh” with the highest point about 1,000m above sea level, cool climate all year round with annual average temperature in the range of 22-24 0 C , Those who are passionate about adventure travel and exploration cannot miss the opportunity to conquer Four Floor Waterfall .

The enchanting the Four Tiered Waterfall

Four Floor Waterfall is located in An Quang commune, located in the middle of majestic primeval forest. From Quy Nhon to An Quang commune, it is about 120km, we drove by car to the edge of the forest.

Leaving the car behind, the group began the journey to explore Four Floor Waterfall. Guided by local people, we walked deep into protective forests and primeval forests.

The path to the waterfall is very attractive because you walk in the shade of the forest, the sounds of birds singing, cicadas… creating an interesting chorus. You can also admire many species of wild orchids blooming brightly next to small streams. From above, you can also take in the ripe golden terraced fields of the people here…

Wild, majestic Four Floor Waterfall - Photo: DUNG NHAN
Wild, majestic Four Floor Waterfall – Photo: DUNG NHAN

Walking for about 45 minutes, at an altitude of 500-600 meters above sea level, we reached the first waterfall of the Four Floor waterfall system. The white waterfall flows from a height of about 40 meters, flowing down as soft as a strip of silk or a young woman’s hair amidst a wild, poetic natural landscape.

The Four-Storey Waterfall system includes 4 similar waterfalls. Every time you go up about 40 meters high, you will encounter a beautiful, enchanting waterfall like that.

Here, in addition to admiring the majestic natural scenery, you can also immerse yourself in the clear, cool stream water under the waterfall; admire the rocks of all strange shapes; Diving to catch stone snails is considered a specialty in the mountains and forests of An Lao…

Tourism development planning

Mr. Do Tung Lam – Vice Chairman of An Lao District People’s Committee – said that the district evaluates Four Floor Waterfall as a tourist destination to explore the local potential and includes it in the construction and development plan.

“District leaders have just conducted a survey of Four Floor Waterfall and have directed the planning of zoning and tourism development. It is expected that in mid-2024, the planning will be announced to call for investors” – Mr. Lam said. good.

One level of Four Storey waterfall seen from above - Photo: DUNG NHAN
One level of Four Storey waterfall seen from above – Photo: DUNG NHAN

According to Mr. Lam, tourists coming to An Quang will visit the unique cultural space of the H’re ethnic group in villages 5 and 6 of this commune, then if needed, they will be visited by the forces of the Commune Youth Union. Guide and support to explore Four Floor Waterfall.

In the immediate future, An Lao District People’s Committee plans to create a cement concrete path about 1 meter wide, 6-7cm thick through the forest to facilitate tourists to explore Four Floor Waterfall.

Thus, coming to An Lao, visitors not only go to the 1,000 meter high An Toan heaven gate to hunt clouds, enjoy wild myrtle wine, drink can wine, eat young fish, green vegetables… but also have the opportunity to experience and conquer. Recover the majestic, wild, and attractive Four Floor Waterfall.

Revealing the anti-wringing mixture

If it is your first time going to Four Floor Waterfall, you should ask a native to help and guide you. You should also prepare snacks and drinks to bring with you and don’t forget DEP ointment to prevent squeezing.

We apply DEP medicine to the entire foot and calf to prevent attacks. However, there are also stubborn snakeheads that cling, so sometimes we have to stop to “destroy” them after an itchy bite.

On the trekking route to Four Floor Waterfall, our group met a few young Ba Na people going to collect bees. They prepared a bottle of water to treat the problem, the ingredients included: salt, lemon and 1 crushed lemongrass plant in the mixture.

When squeezing the cow’s leg, use the lemongrass stick soaked in the mixture to dab it on the cow. It will fall to the ground immediately. Thanks to that, our group’s journey to Four Floor Waterfall was easier.

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