The “extreme” snack street in Ho Chi Minh City: Located between two famous universities, every night is crowded.

Late at night, young people come to the familiar snacking place located on An Duong Vuong’s wide road to find delicious food for their hungry stomachs.

Not as bustling as the Thu Duc University village or many strange dishes near the University of Industry, the night snack area located between the two universities of Pedagogy and Saigon University attracts many young people to come because of the delicious food. equally rich. The reason why this is called the night snack area is that it is late afternoon or early evening, the new shops open until late, and in some places, it will be more than 9 o’clock to move out. Therefore, for young people who go to school late or go to work, and go out in the evening, this snack area is always the first choice.

This snack area is located right on the large An Duong Vuong street intersecting with Nguyen Van Cu street. There are many dishes sold here, but the most recognizable is the ox carts, rows of grilled octopus, fried fish balls, and fried squid and the price is extremely “friendly” to students. Located on a cool road, when passing by here, you will not be able to resist the faint scent of the snack shop.

No place sells as many beef as the An Duong Vuong area

Looking around this road, it’s only about 500 meters, but everywhere you can see cars selling cows. But the most crowded place is still the beautiful little beef cart on the side of the Pedagogical University. The car is small, mainly for take-out, but if diners want, there are still a few seats to sit back. Customers come to buy new rolls, so they will wait a bit to have a portion, but if you get what you like to eat, just tell her to roll according to your preferences. Because of the immediate business, each roll is also hot, including steamed vegetables, cassava roots, sausages and soy sauce. It’s that simple but very catchy. Although the beef roll is not rich, thanks to the special dipping sauce, there are all kinds of side dishes such as roasted peanuts, fried onions, and sour food, so the beef is even more delicious.

Stir-fried quail eggs with tamarind sold until late, still crowded

Listen to the owner say that her quail egg cart sells until late at night, so not only students nearby but also those who come home late from work can also stop by to eat. Although it is just a sidewalk restaurant, the irresistible aroma of the quail stir-fried with tamarind is what makes many young people unable to refuse.

Catching the eyes of diners is the rich, thick tamarind sauce, each quail egg looks extremely attractive. The main product is a dish of iridescent brown quail, covered with a layer of fat-crushed peanuts and crispy fried onions. This dish is playful, but the more you eat it, the more addicted you become because of the sour taste of the sauce.

Dried squid with fish sauce – a very “roll” play dish for young people

Regular customers here often say that this is a dried squid dish “due to eating and drinking” because you don’t have to have money to buy it because it will take a long time to wait. Even the shop owner seems “afraid” to sell this dish for fear of customers having to wait. However, because of the deliciousness of the dried squid with fish sauce that she made, many diners still waited patiently to enjoy. And the fruit dish does not drink the customers “begged” her to sell it because the dried squid is fragrant, biting into it is crispy and has a strong flavor of butter and garlic fish sauce. Buy a few more cans of water and you can sit back and forth until morning because it’s super delicious.

The “national” snack on skewers of fried fish sauce is crowded with people waiting

This fried ball car is a dish that many young people “look forward to” eating this new fish ball with fish sauce. Before the sale, there were a lot of people standing in line first to win a seat, during the sale, the buyer would take a bowl to choose what they wanted to eat and then leave the counter in order to wait for the fried. This fish ball dish is usually processed up to 2 times. After frying the fish balls until golden, the seller will stir-fry them with okra, minced garlic, and chili fish sauce until the fish sauce is thick and evenly coated on the fish balls.

There is one thing that can’t be found anywhere else is the crispy fried shrimp with fish balls. The dipping sauce here has two types: black sauce, chili sauce with a little mayonnaise and especially the spicy “exclusive” chili salt sauce that is nowhere to be found.

When the street lights were turned on, the surrounding area resounded with the sound of cheerful cooking and the lively and lively conversation of friends. Eating together, “eight” a few stories and then watching the streets, nothing can be more wonderful.

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