The famous delicious Ba Vi specialties you should try

Possessing a poetic and lyrical landscape with beautiful check-in points and eco-tourism areas, Ba Vi specialties are equally famous and attractive. So what’s delicious in this fresh land with beautiful nature? Find out below.

The specialties of Ba Vi are delicious and attractive

1. Non-calves 

What specialties does Ba Vi have ? Dairy farms in Ba Vi not only produce extremely clean and delicious milk and dairy products, but young calves here are also a specialty that can’t be found anywhere else. Calves raised according to the standard process eat only green grass, so they are delicious, hygienic and especially nutritious.

Ba Vi specialties - young calvesPhoto: @maingocquynhnhi

Young veal can be processed into many delicious dishes for visitors to enjoy, typically: rare lemon veal, stir-fried veal with lemongrass and chili, sauteed avocado with bell peppers, veal marinated with grilled spices,… Eat grass milk, and drink fresh water, so it has a special aroma. Eat soft, not chewy, if you have the opportunity to come here, don’t forget to try it!

– Good places to eat:

  • Ba Vi Xanh Restaurant – Ba Vi National Park.

Ba Vi specialties - young calvesPhoto: @inhat

2. Milk cake, fresh milk, Ba Vi yogurt

Nature is endowed with climate and abundant soil resources for the development of clean and high-quality dairy farms. Ba Vi travel experience , coming here you can not only visit but also enjoy pure fresh cow’s milk or goat’s milk right at the farm. Milk has a fatty aroma but is not too greasy, so it is easy to cause “addiction” to both adults and children.

Ba Vi specialty - yogurtPhoto: @sua_ba_vi_milk

In addition to milk, other products such as: Ba Vi milk cake, pure Ba Vi yogurt or a mix of flavors, … are also Ba Vi specialties that are loved by many people. The characteristic sweet and aromatic taste feels light, not too harsh. You can stop to buy on the way back through 32nd street or Lang – Hoa Lac area. There are many shops for you to buy as gifts for your family.

Ba Vi specialty - milk cakePhoto: @yurinailsdn

3. Ba Vi hill chicken 

Thanks to the natural condition of the midland area with low hills and low mountains, Ba Vi owns a fresh hill chicken that is “hunted” by many tourists. The hill chickens here are freely released, so they are very firm, because they are crunchy and not greasy. There are many delicious dishes for you to enjoy when you come here to travel such as: grilled chicken, salted chicken, boiled chicken, roasted chicken, chicken hot pot,… The price is affordable but brings the typical flavor of the land here. .

– Good places to eat:

  • Ba Vi – Yen Bai culinary restaurant.
  • Ba Vi La Co Restaurant – Cau Va, Tan Linh.
  • Ba Vi restaurant – Dong Quang.

Ba Vi specialty - hill chickenPhoto: @doisongvaphattrien

4. Wild boar meat 

After visiting all the tourist attractions in Ba Vi district , don’t forget to visit a nearby restaurant to enjoy specialties from the famous wild boar! Along with hill chicken, wild boar meat is loved for natural grazing, eating sweet and tender meat, is not smelly or stale. The chefs often prepare dishes such as: roasted wild boar, steamed pork, stir-fried with lemongrass and chili, … each dish is attractive with an unforgettable deliciousness.

– Good places to eat:

  • Xa Huong Restaurant – Ba Vi National Park.
  • Dam Long Restaurant – Bang Ta forest area.

Ba Vi specialty - wild boar meatPhoto: @lehuong1997

5. Da river fish

The Da River flowing through the Ba Vi district not only enriches the land but also brings great aquatic resources. Natural freshwater fish species are caught here such as: halibut, carp, carp, etc. The meat is very firm but safe, so it is very rare. Can not always be enjoyed.

Ba Vi specialty - fried fishPhoto: @gdbaby1881988

Come to have fun in the area of ​​Ao Vua, Khoang Suoi Tien, visit the restaurants here, and remember to enjoy Ba Vi specialties made from fish. The most rustic and attractive is grilled fish on a charcoal stove. There are also: halibut hot pot, salmon salad, carp porridge,… Enjoy with family or drink with friends and eat without getting bored.

– Address to eat delicious: Xu Doai Culinary Garden – Tan Linh.

Ba Vi specialties - Da river fishPhoto: @foody

6. Forest vegetables of the Dao people

Characterized by mountainous terrain, Ba Vi has many ethnic minorities living together. Creating unique cultures and diverse cuisines. If you have the opportunity to come here, do not forget to find the forest vegetables of the Dao people to enjoy. These can be mentioned as: forest banana flowers, sturgeon vegetables, tweezers or the rare Co Ngoc Lan,… 

Ba Vi specialty - sturgeon vegetablesPhoto: @sugateee_4589

Wild vegetables are harvested from the high mountains and are rich in nutrients. There are types that only Ba Vi has, brought back washed and can be eaten raw or fried with meat, processed into very delicious mannequins but also have quite good healing effects. Come to Ba Vi village or the mountains to learn about the lives of the people and enjoy the simple dishes from these special vegetables.

Ba Vi specialty - forest banana flower saladPhoto: @yuan_yisun

7. Phu Nhi sticky rice cake

Banh Xeo is available in many places, but those who come to the land of Phu Nhi of Ba Vi and enjoy this dish once cannot help but be fascinated. Although it looks simple at first glance, the people who make the cakes here have to go through many rather sophisticated stages. From choosing good rice, grinding flour, stirring flour, roasting and then wrapping the cake so that it is beautiful but not hard to eat. Phu Nhi rice cakes enjoyed while still hot or bought as gifts are also loved by many people.

– Address to buy: Phu Nhi Lien Hoi cake – Phu Thinh, Son Tay.

Ba Vi specialty - Phu Nhi rice cakePhoto: @Vietnam Photo Newspaper

8. Green tea 

Che lam is a famous Ba Vi specialty dish from ancient times known by many people. Referring to the land of Doai, who does not know this unique dish. It is made from specially grown locally grown glutinous rice, in addition to malt, molasses, peanuts, and ginger. 

Ba Vi specialty - lam teaPhoto: @hoa9009

Going to visit ancient ruins, ancient villages, and Phung Hung temple,… stop at a roadside stall to order a dish of Che Lam and a cup of tea to enjoy in the middle of a hot summer day to feel all the sweet flavors of the city. this land. 

– Address to buy delicious lam tea: Duong Lam ancient village, Mia pagoda, the area near the Mausoleum of King Ngo Quyen.

Ba Vi specialty - delicious lam teaPhoto: @shinichicry

9. Waffles

The golden, crispy, and delicious waffles are also specialties of Ba Vi that are sought after by many people. Bite into the crispy and fragrant cake with the characteristic flavor of milk, a snack that not only children but also adults love. Cakes are processed and packaged hygienically, bought to enjoy on the way to visit or bring back as gifts are very reasonable.

– Address to buy: stores along Thang Long Boulevard, 32nd Street.

Ba Vi specialties - wafflesPhoto: @Beecost

The specialties of Ba Vi Son Tay all have in common that is simple and rustic, but the deliciousness is not inferior to the types of oysters. Come try and feel the delicious food and see the beautiful scenery on your upcoming trip!

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