The fierce fish that was criticized for, not many people ate it before, is now a specialty

This fish was previously little noticed, now made into famous delicious specialties in the city

Catfish (mudfish), also known as climbing fish, live in brackish and freshwater waters

This fish is abundant in the North as well as the Mekong Delta

This is a scaleless catfish (mudfish), the head is slightly flattened, the mouth is wide and there are two antennae on the upper jaw

They are considered as aquatic female species with fierce appearance, omnivorous nature.

According to records, someone once caught a catfish(mudfish) weighing nearly 100kg

Because of its smooth skin and fierce appearance, this fish was rarely noticed before

Now, catfish(mudfish) as a specialty are sold in the city for 150,000 VND ($6)/kg

They live in clean water, eat natural food, so the meat is firm, delicious, and nutritious

If before, catfish(mudfish) was abundant in the wild, now it is increasingly scarce, and while the demand for use is high, the price has skyrocketed.

Many localities have expanded the model of raising catfish(mudfish) in the river and have been successful, bringing significant income

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