The first place where cherry blossoms bloomed in Da Lat

Da Lat is entering the cherry blossom season and currently, only flowers in the Cau Dat Tea Hill area are blooming.

The wild sunflower season has passed and Da Lat is in cherry blossom season. Currently, the first cherry apricot trees in the mountain town have bloomed. This year’s flower season is considered to be late, only flowers in Cau Dat tea hill are blooming. At other locations in the city, flowers show no signs of blooming. In the picture are the first cherry blossom trees blooming at the tea hill in Cau Dat, about 20 km from the center of Da Lat city.

Mr. Pham Kim Nhan, who works in tourism in Da Lat City, said that cherry blossoms at Cau Dat tea hill have been blooming since New Year’s Day, and now they are almost all blooming, and some trees are starting to produce young leaves.

Mr. Nhan said that from the beginning of January until now, the largest number of visitors to Cau Dat is on weekends. On average, each day, Mr. Nhan welcomes about 10-20 guests with the schedule of going cloud hunting in the early morning, then going to the tea hill to check in with peach blossoms.

Da Lat cherry blossoms bloom in the right weather. During the day it is sunny and warm, the temperature is about 25 degrees Celsius, in the early morning and evening it is cold about 12-13 degrees. According to Mr. Nhan, tourists should go to the tea hill and take photos with the flowers at around 7:00 a.m. or in the afternoon, when the sun is mild for beautiful lighting effects.

Cau Dat tea hill area is open for visitors to visit, view flowers, and take photos for free. Visitors are asked not to litter and arbitrarily pick flowers and break tea.

Cherry blossoms in the Cau Dat area, a suburb, always bloom the earliest in Da Lat, followed by flowers in Mong Dao Nguyen, Xuan Tho, Trai Mat, Tuyen Lam Lake and flowers in the center bloom last.

Depending on the weather, cherry blossoms bloom for 2-3 weeks and then fade. From now until the end of January and early February, tourists can plan to visit Da Lat to hunt flowers.

In the photo, tourists check in at a place where cherry blossom trees are blooming in the tea hill area.

Cherry blossoms grown in Cau Dat tea hill are woody trees, 5-7 m high, 3-5 m wide canopy. The trunk is big and tall, similar to peach trees in the northern mountains, but the flowers have 5 petals and pistils similar to apricot flowers in the south.

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