The girl “picks” money on the greenhouse

With a love for bonsai, Ms. Uyen decided to start a business by growing plants in glass cages. After 15 years, this model has provided a stable source of income for her and others in the community.

Close the door to the right, open the direction to challenge

In 2007, Nguyen Huynh Hanh Uyen (39 years old, living in Ho Chi Minh City) became a manager at an event organization. Achieving her dream position and salary, Uyen devotes herself to her work. But then the girl suddenly got tired when she realized that the stressful work environment was no longer suitable for her.

The girl who collects money on a greenhouse plant - 1
Loving nature, Uyen started a business, successfully spreading the hobby of terrarium to the community (Photo: Nguyen Vy).

One day, Uyen was suddenly given a domestic plant variety by a friend. At first, Uyen was surprised and interested in discovering the beauty of the roots of trees in the country for the first time. This special plant can live in glass vases that plants in the soil environment cannot.

Struggling to find a way to take care of trees, Uyen “falls in love” with this strange tree planting job. Since then, Ms. Uyen decided to quit her management position at the company and start a business with a model of growing special varieties of plants in glass cages.

Having successfully tamed more than 300 types of pure water plants and imported more than 500 different designs of glass vases, Ms. Uyen unleashed her creativity with the terrarium model (creating a miniature ecosystem).

“This is a model of growing plants in a glass cage or a glass vase, inside there are many different types of plants. The mini “forest” can grow even in a sealed glass box,” said Ms. Uyen.

The girl who collects money on a greenhouse plant - 2
In order for the terrarium to have a soul, the layers (layers) must be arranged beautifully. Each detail must also have its own meaning (Photo: Nguyen Vy).

Starting with a small amount of capital, Uyen doesn’t remember how much she lost to figure out how to create a complete terrarium. Because this plant requires the farmer to be creative and meticulous. Not only that, Uyen also took the initiative to go to Hanoi, Thailand, etc. to see how to grow terrariums of experienced people.

With her passion and love for nature, Uyen is increasingly spreading the hobby of terrarium to the community with the same interests. From groups on social networks, terrariums are increasingly known to people in the bonsai community.

The girl who collects money on a greenhouse plant - 3
Each terrarium product is meticulously built, to help players easily feel the soul of the product (Photo: Nguyen Vy).

In her client file, Uyen was quite surprised when most of the people interested were young people. “There are people who are very passionate about plants, consider it as a companion and take good care of them. I am very happy to see young people living more and more green, loving nature. You share, terrariums in the house will bring positive energy, helping you feel more comfortable after stressful working and studying hours,” shared Uyen.

It is known that in addition to doing business with this unique model, Ms. Uyen once opened a tutorial class, helping people with the same passion to start a business. In which, many people have also succeeded, becoming competitors with her.

Plants “hard to grow, easy to raise”

In the past 3 years, the “closed-and-living” growing model has become more and more popular. Each month, Ms. Uyen can sell 150 products, with prices ranging from 300,000 to 10 million VND/product. In addition, for large-sized items, the price can be up to 80 million VND/product. Expensive products often take more than a month to complete.($1=24,000 VND)

The girl who collects money on the greenhouse plant - 4
Terrarium became popular in the last 3 years. Players are increasingly creative with expensive details and accessories placed in this “miniature ecosystem” (Photo: Nguyen Vy).

In particular, terrarium has 2 main types including closed system and open system, which are very easy to raise. Specifically, a closed system is a plant environment that can self-recirculate closed water. “Farmers only need to pay attention for 7-10 days, when the top of the cage has run out of steam, they need to water a new round of water,” explained Ms. Uyen.

As for the open system, farmers need to choose dry-loving plants, need more light and water more often. However, for both types, farmers do not need to expose the plants to too much exposure because these plants are tolerant to the police.

To make a complete model, the craftsman must go through many steps that require meticulousness and high investment. First of all, Ms. Uyen will choose the glass cage with the shape of the customer’s liking. Usually, the glass cage will have the shape of an egg, a cage or a heart shape, etc., which are held together by glue or metal.

The girl who collects money on a greenhouse plant - 5
According to Uyen, only those who are really passionate can pursue this new hobby (Photo: Nguyen Vy).

Next, the worker will create the gravel base. This layer is considered as a “reservoir”, helping the excess water to be stored at the bottom, the plants avoid waterlogging and the water circulation is regular. After that, Ms. Uyen will put a layer of manure or put it on top. This fertilizer is imported from Japan, contains a good amount of nutrients for plants.

Finally, the most important part is to choose plants like mosses, ferns or plants like epi, fittonia, etc., depending on whether the system is closed or open. Ms. Uyen will decorate many layers (layers), equip other accessories depending on her creativity.

Accordingly, the hardest part is to arrange the layout so that the terrarium looks soulful, helping players feel satisfied every time they look at it.

The girl who collects money on a greenhouse plant - 6
Hien shared, terrarium helps her family’s atmosphere become lighter (Photo: Nguyen Vy).

Ms. Nguyen Hien (40 years old) said that she is willing to spend 20 million dongs to buy a terrarium model to display in the house. Hien shared, she has been pursuing this hobby for several years.($1=24,000 VND)

“I often put the terrarium in the middle of the house. The vase helps me feel more peaceful after the chaos of life. This model is also very easy to grow, put in the house without fear of damage. Since then, my soul has always been there. also gentle and no longer think about negative things,” Hien said

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