The ‘hot’ rattan hunting spots in Son La must be saved immediately

Winter is coming, let’s explore cloud hunting spots in Son La with a sea of ​​ravishing clouds, bringing back “crazy beautiful” virtual live photos. 

    Note now that cloud-hunting spots in Son La are hot 

    1. Ta Xua

    Ta Xua is a famous rattan hunting spot in Son La for many years, is considered the “cloud paradise” of Vietnam. Ta Xua is a highland commune in Bac Yen district, about 240 km from Hanoi. Every winter, people invite each other to Ta Xua to hunt clouds and eat noodles with a million-dollar view that is not available anywhere in Vietnam. 

    Ta Xua is a famous rattan hunting spot in Son LaTa Xua cloud paradise is a popular destination at the end of the year. Photo: @_chang_2111_

    With an average altitude of 1500 – 1800 meters above sea level, Ta Xua in Son La province is cool and pleasant all year round. In winter, with high humidity, Ta Xua forms seas of white clouds, dense, floating and billowing. The scenery of Ta Xua is like a fairyland, making anyone who comes here once fall in love and look forward to coming back again.

    Ta Xua is a beautiful cloud hunting spot in Son LaTa Xua with its picturesque sea of ​​white clouds. Photo: @xu_11_4

    From November to April next year is the best time to hunt Ta Xua clouds, to check in for heart-stopping romantic moments. Coming to this commune, visitors can choose many different coordinates to watch the sea of ​​white clouds in the morning and enjoy the romantic sunset in the afternoon. 

    Ta Xua is a rattan hunting spot in Son La that you cannot missTa Xua dinosaur spine is a very beautiful place to hunt clouds. Photo: @_nktea

    The first is the dinosaur spine – an extremely hot cloud hunting spot in Son La. This name comes from the special topographical characteristics of the mountain. Looking down from above looks exactly like the spine of a dinosaur. When you come here, you will encounter a vast, dense sea of ​​clouds embracing the dinosaur’s spine, painting a magical picture. 

    Ta Xua is a super impressive rattan hunting spot in Son LaTourists cannot miss Dolphin’s Snout when coming to Ta Xua. Photo: @ryannguyen_offical

    Besides this very famous coordinates, when coming to Ta Xua Son La, visitors can also go to Moc Ca Dolphin to hunt clouds. This is originally a protruding rock shaped like a very cute dolphin opening its beak. The terrain here is not too difficult to conquer, combined with unique rocks to create a series of million-like virtual living photos for young people. On cloudy days, when sitting on this cliff, you seem to be leisurely gliding on white clouds, admiring the beautiful scenery of this universe.

    Ta Xua is a beautiful cloud hunting spot in Son La that touches people's heartsThe beautiful sea of ​​clouds in Ta Xua is waiting for you to check in. Photo: @tiemcaphemioi

    In addition, when traveling to Son La , especially to Ta Xua, visitors can also choose to explore the beautiful cafes here combined with cloud hunting in the early morning. Some coffee shops have beautiful views of the sea of ​​clouds such as Mi Oi Coffee Shop, Homestay & Coffee Dinh Ta Xua, Thao Coffee Ta Xua,… are places that you must definitely visit to be able to admire the beautiful scenery of the land. heaven here.

    2. Na Bai 

    Referring to rattan hunting spots in Son La , we cannot ignore Na Bai village, Chieng Yen commune, Van Ho district. This is a village located about 150 km from the center of Hanoi, home to ethnic Thai, Dao, Mong, Muong,… with a unique and characteristic indigenous culture. In recent years, Na Bai has emerged as a new rattan hunting destination, attracting tourists. 

    Na Bai is a rattan hunting spot in Son La, Van Ho districtThe sea of ​​clouds in Na Bai is no less beautiful than Ta Xua. Photo: Fanpage Na Bai Campsite

    Na Bai is located at an altitude of more than 800 meters above sea level but still has a beautiful sea of ​​clouds, surrounding the mountains and deep green forests here. Coming to Na Bai, you will enjoy the cool, fresh atmosphere, no longer crowded and bustling like destinations in the Ta Xua area. 

    Na Bai is a rattan hunting spot in Son La that is loved by touristsTourists experience the beautiful scenery at Na Bai Campsite. Photo: Fanpage Na Bai Campsite

    In recent years, Na Bai is gradually transforming to become a new, attractive destination in Son La for tourists. Hot check-in coordinates appear in the village, typically Na Bai Campsite – a lovely camping area, close to nature. Coming here, you will enjoy the feeling of pulling out the tent and immediately seeing the beautiful sea of ​​white clouds before your eyes.

    Na Bai is a cloud hunting spot in Son La that brings many beautiful photosYou will have many beautiful photos when hunting clouds in Na Bai. Photo: Fanpage Na Bai Campsite

    Na Bai Campsite provides a camping space in harmony with nature so that visitors can breathe fresh air, watch the early clouds, welcome the sunrise and enjoy the beautiful sunset. In addition to camping, when coming here, visitors also have the opportunity to taste local delicacies or explore nearby destinations. 

    3. To Bo Peak

    To Bo Peak is also a cloud hunting spot in Son La that you should explore once with your close friends. This is a mountain peak located in Long Luong commune, Van Ho district, in Moc Chau National Tourist Area, about 35 km from Moc Chau town center. This mountain peak is located at an altitude of nearly 1,200 meters above sea level, cool all year round, beautiful scenery, very ideal for hunting clouds. 

    To Bo Peak is an emerging cloud hunting spot in Son LaIn recent years, To Bo peak has become very famous in Son La. Photo: Group To Bo Long Luong – Ideal cloud hunting spot 

    Climbing To Bo peak, you will experience four seasons in one day. It feels warm like spring in the morning, hot like summer at noon, cool like autumn in the afternoon, and cold at night. If it rained heavily the night before and the next day it was sunny, there will be a beautiful sea of ​​white clouds here for visitors to admire.

    To Bo Peak is a romantic and beautiful cloud hunting spot in Son LaIf you work hard to get up early, you will be able to see the beautiful sea of ​​clouds. Photo: Mai Meii

    Currently, To Bo is not too hot in Son La, so this area has almost no business services to serve tourists. You should prepare full equipment if you want to come here to camp, hunt clouds, or picnic. Also, don’t forget to clean up all trash before leaving to keep the scenery always beautiful and natural.

    To Bo Peak is a cloud hunting spot in Son La that you should experienceComing to Son La, try climbing To Bo peak to hunt clouds. Photo: Mai Meii

    With the suggested rattan hunting spots in Son La in this article, we hope to help you gain some necessary information to prepare for your rattan hunting trip this year-end season. What are you waiting for? Plan now to conquer Son La – a land with many beautiful and dreamy landscapes in the Northwest. 

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