The house covered with chili flowers becomes a check-in point

LAM DONG – Mr. Huu Thang’s house in Di Linh district was covered with chili flowers, causing many people to stop to take pictures.

In the dry season days of early April in the Di Linh plateau, visitors traveling on Highway 20 from Ho Chi Minh City to Da Lat will encounter a prominent house covered in orange color of chili flowers.

The house is a grocery store of Mr. Huu Thang’s family, 62 years old, Gia Hiep commune. The chili pepper plant was planted 16 years ago. Flowers bloom all year round, but the most blooming is after Tet to early summer. From an original vine to make a fence, over the years, the chili tree has covered the roof and three walls.

“The tree is easy to grow, so it only needs regular watering, organic fertilizer from time to time, but it doesn’t need to be taken care of like other flowers,” Thang said.

Cluster of climbing peppers, also known as firecracker, fire, Rang Dong or Cannon Cannon, is native to South America. The flowers are tubular, long and look like a chili pepper with 4 soft petals, slightly curved at the top, about 7.5 cm long. Flowers are bright orange, shiny, so very eye-catching.

Flowers bloom at the base of the tree. According to the owner of the house, many people came to offer to buy the original to plant, but the family did not sell.

On the photo is the roof seen from above. According to Mr. Thang, for many years, flowers have covered the house, so many passersby stop by to take pictures, making him and everyone in the house feel happier. He also warmly welcomes any visitor who comes by.

Many tourists from Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai, Binh Duong, on the way to Da Lat city, stopped to take pictures to check-in the house covered with chili flowers.

“I saw the house on social media so I really liked it, who expected it to look even better from the outside with thousands of flower clusters in full bloom,” said Lan, from Bien Hoa city.

Anh Hung, a native of Bao Lam district, recorded the scene of the house to show off to his friends. “I see a lot of chili flowers, but this is the most beautiful house I’ve ever seen because it creates a romantic scene like in the movie,” Lam said.

Seen from the inside, the flower trellis on the lower floor has dried, instead of the upper floor, the sunlight is still blooming and blooming regularly.

Mr. Thang said that tourists and residents can take pictures freely, but they need to keep order, not break branches and park at the right places, without affecting traffic safety on Highway 20.

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