The hundred-year-old brick kiln in Sa Dec is tinged with moss, attracting curious tourists

Although abandoned, the brick kilns in Sa Dec still have their own charm.

Coming to Dong Thap, in addition to colorful flower villages, and fruit-laden orchards… few people know that this place once owned a massive brick kiln system.

Sa Dec used to flourish with traditional brick making.(Photo: Thai Nghia)

The traditional brick-making profession was attached to the southwestern countryside in the 70s of the twentieth century. In the flourishing time, the brick kilns were both an inheritance for many households and also a livelihood for many workers in the region.

Ancient brick kilns in Sa Dec.(Photo: Khang Océan)

Not only bringing important economic value, the prominent brick kilns right next to the Sa Giang river have contributed to creating a very unique beauty of the countryside of Dong Thap. The clusters of kilns in Sa Dec city with their eye-catching red color and pointed tower structure make many people think of the famous Cham towers.

Under the bright sunlight radiating across the river and reflecting on the red-hot brick kilns, the entire riverside area appears like fairy towers, a peaceful, nostalgic but also very unique beauty.

The red brick wall is tinged with moss.(Photo: Khang Océan)

However, with time and the development of modern techniques, the traditional way of making bricks is also gradually declining. In addition, the absence of an exhaust gas treatment process during the kiln burning process, leading to the production of a large number of emissions, affecting the environment is also one of the factors that makes these traditional brick kilns no longer popular. favored.

Vines and weeds cover the brick kilns unexpectedly making them even more unique.(Photo: Thai Nghia)

Today, almost very few traditional brick kilns are still in operation in Sa Dec. In some places, the brick kilns are almost abandoned, covered with weeds and vines. The once brilliant red color of the towering brick kilns is now covered by the green of plants.

The abandoned brick kilns still regularly have visitors to visit.(Photo: Cao Duong Tam Linh)

No longer bearing the majesty of a flourishing time, instead, these 100-year-old brick kilns put on an ancient, ghostly coat with a subtle charm of their own. Because of that, despite being abandoned, the brick kiln in Sa Dec still attracts a large number of tourists to visit.

Many young people have taken advantage of the mossy background here to produce very cool photos.(Photo: datsiiro)

The mossy walls of brick kilns covered with vines and weeds suddenly become an impressive backdrop for artistic photos. Standing inside the brick kiln, catching the sunlight shining from the chimney hole on the dome roof, the scene is both fanciful and a little old-fashioned, guaranteed to bring unmistakable shooting angles.

The sun shines on the inside of the brick kiln creating impressive arrays of light.(Photo: Duy Thang)

Although the ancient brick kiln in Sa Dec is no longer in operation, it still brings an interesting attraction to tourists.(Photo: datsiiro)

A short trip to the ancient brick kilns in Sa Dec is an opportunity to admire a part of the once flourishing cultural relics and culture of the Western region. Not too glorious or splendid, but what is left here is enough to attract souls who like to contemplate and be nostalgic about the past.