The leader of the Women’s Union got out of poverty by raising pheasants

Ms. Tran Thi Thuy, former head of the Women’s Union of My An 2 neighborhood, Hoai Thanh ward, Hoai Nhon town (Binh Dinh) is an example of dynamic, enterprising women who rise to business. local economy.

Ms. Thuy said that in the past, her family lived mainly on agricultural production, raising a few pigs and chickens, so the economic life was difficult. Having joined the local women’s union in 2011, Ms. Thuy worries day and night, determined not to endure the hunger and suffering of farming.

The leader of the Women's Union got out of poverty by raising pheasants - 1
Ms. Thuy is thinning out her flock of pheasants (Photo: Doan Cong).

More than 6 years ago, when the associations at all levels propagated policies to support and encourage production development, Ms. Thuy went to Quang Nam to study models of farms raising pigs, cows, and pheasants.

Realizing that the pheasant farming model is suitable, the food is rice, corn, and vegetables available, and the investment cost to build the barn is not high, Thuy discussed with her husband to experiment with 20 pairs of breeding birds with an investment of 700,000 VND. /bag.

Initially, she had little experience, so in the process of raising birds and hatching eggs, there were many problems that made her confused, the first batch of young birds failed.

Undeterred, Ms. Thuy borrowed another 30 million dong from the Social Policy Bank of Hoai Nhon town and bought 100 new baby pheasants for breeding.

In the first year, she did not have any experience and was in the process of losing more herd, so Ms. Thuy did not earn any money. From the second year onwards, the pheasant flocks proliferated a lot, she started selling commercial birds, then selling meat birds, breeding birds, ornamental birds and also selling eggs according to the needs of customers.

According to Ms. Thuy, with proper care, a female pheasant can lay 140-180 eggs/year, the hatching rate of the chicks is 70-80%. Every year, with 100 breeding birds, after deducting expenses, her family earns about 80 million VND in profit.

The leader of the Women's Union got out of poverty by raising pheasants - 2
Thuy is the first person in Hoai Nhon town to raise pheasants (Photo: Doan Cong).

In addition to raising pheasants, she always has 30-40 pigs in her barn. Selling twice a year, earning a profit of several tens of millions of dong.

Not only doing well in economics, with more than 10 years of seniority as the head of the Women’s Union, Ms. Thuy and the association launched many emulation movements; helping many women and members with difficult circumstances rise up in life; poor children have accidents, risks…

When sisters in the neighborhood face difficulties, Ms. Thuy is ready to lend money out of her own pocket without interest.

Thuy always thinks “one piece when hungry is equal to one packet when full”, so if she can help someone have a better life, she is always ready

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