The milk flower streets in Hanoi are beautiful, poetic and romantic

Milk flower streets in Hanoi such as Hoang Dieu street, Dien Bien Phu street, roads around West Lake,… rows of milk flower trees stretch across the street, creating a beautiful and romantic scene during the flower season. bloom. Pure white flower branches create a poetic and romantic space; attracts many people and tourists to enjoy and take photos.

Passionate milk flowers call autumn in Hanoi

Milk flowers usually bloom around September, just in time for autumn in Hanoi. Milk flowers, also known as crab mites, grow in white clusters. The strong fragrance of this flower is loved and eagerly awaited by many people. Hanoi is often described as the place that receives the first cold winds of the year and at that time milk flowers begin to bloom on the roads and streets of the Capital. 

Milk flower road in Hanoi - autumnPhoto: @vietnamcoracle

The fresh scent of milk flowers fills the space, making Hanoi street corners more charming. Therefore, it cannot be denied that milk flowers always bring unforgettable memories to our hearts. Milk flower season in Hanoi, just take a walk under the trees, all the troubles of a day will disappear. All around is cool air, light sunshine and the seductive scent of milk flowers welcoming the gentle autumn. 

Milk flower road in Hanoi - beautifulPhoto: @baoquocte

In this airy and pleasant space, when the milk flowers are blooming, there is nothing more wonderful than experiencing Hanoi in autumn together through the fragrant streets of milk flowers. Going through those romantic roads, your heart will suddenly feel peaceful and immersed in love.

Milk flower road in Hanoi - impressivePhoto: @vtcnew

The milk flower streets in Hanoi are beautiful

1. Nguyen Du Street

When asked about milk flower streets in Hanoi , it is impossible not to mention Nguyen Du street. This place is known as the street with the most fragrant scent of milk flowers. Every time the milk flower blooming season comes, this whole street is covered in white with blooming milk flower branches. 

Milk flower street in Hanoi - Nguyen Du streetPhoto: @toplist

The ancient milk flower trees on the street have witnessed many ups and downs of the Capital over time. The fragrant scent wafting through the breeze, typical of milk flowers, creates a special charm that can only be found in the ancient capital. Certainly, the beauty of Nguyen Du milk flower street will not disappoint you.

Milk flower road in Hanoi - Nguyen DuPhoto: @top10hanoi

2. Nguyen Chi Thanh Street

Nguyen Chi Thanh is a beautiful street and it is also famous as “the road full of milk flowers”. With a length of about 2km, this place is full of peaceful and romantic beauty typical of the streets in Hanoi . Hundreds of different milk flower trees line up along the road, creating a beautiful image with brilliant white petals.

The faint scent of milk flowers spreads everywhere and lingers in the space, even after passing this road for a long time.

Milk flower road in Hanoi - Nguyen Chi ThanhPhoto: @baodautu

3. Milk flower road around West Lake

When the milk flower season blooms in Hanoi, many people flock to the road around West Lake to check-in and enjoy the beautiful scenery of this milk flower road. There is nothing more wonderful than sitting with your loved ones, admiring the pure white and fragrant scent of milk flowers in a sunny sunset afternoon. With that beautiful scenery, no one can refuse, and from there, the photos taken have attracted millions of views.

Milk flower road in Hanoi - around West LakePhoto: @baoquocte

4. Thuy Khue Street 

This milk flower street in Hanoi is also a very beautiful and famous place in the city. Every year from late September to early October, this road becomes sparkling and enchanting thanks to hundreds of milk flower trees along with a beautiful picture of snow-white flowers. When milk flowers bloom, not only is there a gentle fragrance, but the whole road is also covered with the pure white color of the flowers. 

Milk flower road in Hanoi - Thuy KhuePhoto: @top10hanoi

In addition to enjoying milk flowers, you can also stop at cafes and roadside restaurants to enjoy coffee and Hanoi specialties. In addition, Milk Flower Street is also close to famous attractions such as West Lake, Tran Quoc Pagoda and Ba Dinh Square, … Note that because this road is very popular and attracts a large number of visitors, you may need to choose an appropriate time to avoid crowds.

Milk flower road in Hanoi - Thuy KhuePhoto: @ktds

5. Milk flower road on Dao Tan street

Dao Tan Street during the milk flower blooming season is impossible not to visit. Hanoi travel experience , if you come to Dao Tan late in the evening, you will see the true feeling of the intoxicating scent. It is so fragrant and seductive that it can captivate anyone. 

That scent has become an indispensable part of the lives of the people of the Capital for a long time and is also an indispensable element for those who love the beauty of Hanoi.

Milk flower road in Hanoi - Dao TanPhoto: @tungcao280990

6. Phan Dinh Phung sugar milk flower

Milk flowers are a famous “specialty” of Hanoi. Tourists visiting for the first time are often impressed by the beautiful streets filled with the scent of milk flowers and this street is also a place not to be missed. If you come on a hot afternoon, you can sit under the shade of a tree to avoid the sun. The fragrant and pleasant scent of milk flowers will definitely not disappoint you. All fatigue will disappear when you inhale the sweetest and most pleasant scent of milk flowers.

Milk flower road in Hanoi - Phan Dinh PhungPhoto: @haidanghaydi

7. Lac Long Quan Street

When Hanoi lacks rain this season, it is the milk flower season that flourishes. Even though the milk flower season may be over, its unique fragrance still spreads everywhere and cannot be confused with anywhere else. Lac Long Quan Street is one of the most famous milk flower streets in Hanoi . 

If you are looking for a poetic and romantic space to relax on weekend afternoons, don’t miss this place.

Milk flower road in Hanoi - Lac Long QuanPhoto: @Pinterest

8. Milk flower on Quang Trung street

Some people unfortunately have difficulty liking the scent of Hanoi milk flower , but for others, it brings an indispensable fragrance. Quang Trung Street is one of the places where the scent of milk flowers is overwhelming, allowing us to truly enjoy it. 

Milk flower road in Hanoi - Quang TrungPhoto: @Pinterest

In the chilly air, the scent of milk flowers brings to both heaven and earth and the people of this land the joy of autumn’s return. Experiencing autumn in Hanoi by going to see milk flowers brings a feeling of relaxation and comfort. Sitting under a tree and enjoying the wonderful fragrance of flowers will purify the soul.

Milk flower road in Hanoi - Quang TrungPhoto: @gotadi

9. Duy Tan Street

Duy Tan Street in Hanoi is a milk flower street that is very popular with tourists and locals. The rows of milk flower trees on this road are planted straight and give off a unique scent. From afar, you can feel the light scent of milk flowers brought by the wind. If you want to find an interesting place to take photos of the afternoon sun with milk flowers, Duy Tan street is a great choice.

Milk flower road in Hanoi - Duy TanPhoto: @toplist

10. Le Quang Dao Street

The list of milk flower streets in Hanoi cannot help but mention Le Quang Dao street. This road is home to hundreds of milk flower trees of different ages. Milk flower plants that have been grown for a long time provide a much more characteristic and mellow fragrance.

Milk flower road in Hanoi - Le Quang DaoPhoto: @sam.rngd

The wind blows carrying the scent of milk flowers far away, like a signal that autumn is coming and the year is about to end. Le Quang Dao Street has become a familiar stop for tourists when visiting. That gentle and seductive scent makes everyone remember it forever.

Milk flower road in Hanoi - Le Quang DaoPhoto: @vtvnew

Milk flower buds are tiny and small but bring a special charm. In any season, there is nothing better than wandering around the milk flower streets in Hanoi to admire the scenery and check in. If you have free time, remember to go now!

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