The most difficult cake to buy in Hue: Just 10 minutes to finish the order, customers have to hold their bowls and wait

When the footage of this Bread soup shop was posted online, many people found it hard to believe the price of this late-night dish.

Although snakehead fish soup is a simple dish in the ancient capital, the way it is made requires meticulousness and “level” of seasoning for the cook. “experience journey” great taste. It is not difficult to find delicious Bread soup in Hue when this dish appears in restaurants and shops on streets and street corners.

Over time, the rustic snakehead fish cake soup of the ancient capital still “rises” to a specialty that must be eaten when coming to Hue. In particular, at this place, there is also a very special soup cake shop when it is only open for sale at a special time frame and sold out after only 10 minutes. That’s my mother’s noodle soup shop.

Specifically, in the past few days, on the social network TikTok, clips of a small load of Bread soup were surrounded by diners to buy. Many people think that they heard wrongly when it was only 10 minutes to sell out a pot of cake soup like that is impossible. But having to witness the clips of people holding bowls waiting, the owner quickly scooped up the soup into the bowl, from bowl to bowl, she gasped because of the popularity of this cake shop.

Photo: TikTok @_.ngoctai._, @rrjixpho210

Because Minh’s mother cooks not too many cakes, there are no waiters, so this cake is always sold according to the criterion of “quick to go, slow to finish”, so it’s gone in a short time. The “rarity” of this dish makes many diners who are only a little late and have to come back and have nothing to eat. There is a TikToker friend who also has to “watch” this cake soup for 2-3 days because if she is a little late, the pot of soup will be empty.

Photo: TikTok @didau_angi, @nobu_uyen279

The appeal of Me Minh’s snakehead fish cake soup probably comes from the simplicity of ingredients such as Bread soup, boneless snakehead fish meat, broth as well as some herbs. The popularity of this Hue snakehead fish cake soup shop so far probably comes from the taste of the dish and its special selling style. It is completely handmade processing from Bread soup, snakehead fish is cut into large pieces, carefully deboned with a thick broth. That’s why the taste of the bowl of soup here is so rich and unforgettable.

Photo: TikTok @didau_angi

Some people are so “addicted” to this dish that they are willing to wait to watch their mother’s sale at the right time to enjoy the first bowls of Bread soup, there are also people who are far away but still come late at night to find her mother’s cake. When holding a bowl of Banh Canh in their hands, everyone slurps deliciously, feels the softness of the fish meat, the cake is chewy and drinks to the last piece of broth. After eating, everyone stood up, everyone wiped their sweat, but breathed a sigh of relief because they enjoyed a delicious meal.

Photo: TikTok @_.ngoctai._, @didau_angi

The sight of many people holding bowls jostling each other to get the soup cake really surprised many people because it was so special and curious. That’s why people wonder and ask the owner of this clip for “answer”. After listening to the owner of the clip, I found out that this is my mother’s cake soup that has been sold for many years in Hue, each bowl costs only 20,000 with full of meat and fish cake. Although it is just a simple cake, the taste of this dish is extremely delicious, making many diners “remember” and making Me Minh’s soup become the most popular in Hue ancient capital.

Photo: TikTok @_.ngoctai._