The “mutant” worker filled his mouth with bees without fear of being burned

Beekeeping for processing honey helps Mr. Trung have a stable income. This man has a knack for putting bees in his mouth, letting bees cling to his face…

Passionate about catching bees from a young age, at that time, Mr. Trinh Phuoc Trung (now 60 years old, living in Phuoc Thoi ward, O Mon district, Can Tho) often went to catch honeybee nests in electric poles, tree branches, stuck holes… about farming. 

“When I was a child, I was also scared, but I don’t understand why I loved them so much. Catching bees and putting them in a wooden crate to raise them, watching them build nests and making honey, I was even more fascinated,” said Mr. Trung.

The “mutant” market put a bee in his mouth without fear of being burned (Clip: Bao Ky).

Countless times he was stung by bees, sometimes his face was swollen, his hands and feet were swollen, but Mr. Trung was still not afraid. He said: “Swelling for a few days and then gone, but the hive didn’t bring it back, what if they moved away?”

Mr. Trinh Phuoc Trung performed his unique talent “putting bees in his mouth” (Photo: Bao Ky).

And just like that, from his personal interest, Mr. Trung started to raise bees to outsource for households with conditions. Initially, he kept a few boxes of bees, but now he has increased the number to more than 200 boxes/year.

Thanks to this job, he earns from 150 million VND/year, enough to cover his family’s life. As for the talent of putting bees in his mouth, because Mr. Trung has been doing it for a long time, the bees “get used to the air” and do not sting. 

To verify this, Mr. Trung took us to Mr. Tran Hoang Anh’s garden (living in Truong Lac ward, O Mon district), where Mr. Trung is raising bees to get honey for the garden owner. 

Mr. Trung has been practicing beekeeping for processing honey since he was 20 years old (Photo: Bao Ky).

Walking a few rounds to check more than a dozen containers of bees, Mr. Trung stopped a box of bees next to a bamboo bush. Outside the barrel, a swarm of hundreds of bees was swarming. Suddenly, Mr. Trung said loudly: “Girls and uncles, if I count to three, I will take this honeycomb and put it in my mouth.” 

As soon as he finished speaking, Mr. Trung raised his hand to pick up 3 handfuls of bees and put them in his mouth. The swarm of bees was “disturbed” and flew all over the place, leaping out of Mr. Trung’s mouth. After waiting for the bees to fly away, Mr. Trung said: “See, put the bees in your mouth like that, but none of them sting me.” 

Commonly raised bees are Italian bees, wild bees, domestic bees… (Photo: Bao Ky).

During the “trial” of putting bees in his mouth, Mr. Trung was not wearing protective gear, gloves, or a head net. Revealing the secret, “mutant” Trinh Phuoc Trung said that because he often goes to the garden to take care of bees, they are “accustomed to” him. 

“When you put the bees in your mouth, it’s also very gentle and slow, the bees don’t see any danger, they won’t sting you,” explained Mr. Trung. 

Honey is best in the dry season, around November, the honey harvest season begins, which lasts until Tet. Each box of bees yields from 500ml to 1 liter of honey (Photo: Bao Ky).

At first glance, it is easy, but even a beekeeper of more than 10 years like Mr. Hoang Anh does not dare to take on the challenge like Mr. Trung. Mr. Hoang Anh said that every day he went to the garden to visit the herd, he only noticed that when it was morning they flew away to find food, and in the afternoon they flew back to the nest. 

“Every month, Mr. Trung comes to check the bee crates a few times. If the box reduces the number of bees, Mr. Trung will add more bees. This honey is raised in a natural way, not fed, so the honey is especially delicious. The quantity is small. but sold at a high price,” said Mr. Hoang Anh. 

Visitors to the garden enjoy natural honey (Photo: Bao Ky).

It is known that when harvested, each carton of honey bees of Mr. Trinh Phuoc Trung can be processed from 500ml to 1 liter of honey depending on the rainy or sunny season. On average, for each box of bees, Mr. Trung is paid from 500,000 VND to 1 million VND.

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