The photo series ‘Vietnamese beauty from above’ won the international prize

Cao Ky Nhan’s series of winning photos of the international competition above depict the beauty of the countryside, rivers, or seas associated with human life.

Cao Ky Nhan, currently living and working in Ho Chi Minh City, is the only Vietnamese to win the Consolation Prize in the category of Photographs of the Drone Photo Awards contest, which has just announced the results in 2022.

Cao Ky Nhan is a travel inspiration through many beautiful photos of the landscape of his homeland and the rhythm of human life from an overhead angle. Entering the photography path at the end of 2016, he also started to explore all parts of the country, having visited about 50 provinces in Vietnam. The place he took the most photos was in his hometown, Phu Yen.

On the photo is a fisherman scratching on the Phu Ngan river, Tuy An district, Phu Yen. “This is one of my favorite photos and also one of the first photos I took with a drone. It rained a little at the time of shooting, but because of the beautiful scenery, I decided to take risks. Mud and sand stains At the bottom of the dry river, appear like clouds. At a glance, it seems that farmers are scratching snails in the clouds, “he said.

“Vietnam is a country with a long coastline, diverse systems of rivers, streams, ponds and lakes. Human life is always associated with rivers. People have also taken advantage of this to develop integrated tourism. local agriculture and fishery, these industries have created a unique beauty of Vietnam”, Mr. Nhan said.

The photo is of fishermen casting seine nets to catch anchovies in the waters at Hon Yen, Phu Yen.

Drone Photo Awards is part of the prestigious international photo contest Siena
International Photo Awards, first held in 2015 in Italy. The works are shot from devices such as drones, kites, paragliders, hot air balloons or helicopters. In 2022, the contest attracts thousands of photos of participating photographers from more than 100 countries and territories, including 7 single photo categories and photo series. All winning and best photos will be displayed at the Above Us Only Sky exhibition for a month, starting from October in Siena, Italy. In the Single Photo category, there are 7 photos of Vietnamese authors winning consolation prizes.

The scene sets sail at Vinh Thanh beach (Phu Vang district), one of the beautiful, pristine beaches of Thua Thien – Hue. Fishermen fish near the shore, so the means of going to sea are quite simple, with boats, basket boats, nets, bait, some food and water.

“While the fishermen pushed the boat out to sea, the waves kept crashing on the shore and accidentally formed the shape of a whale (Ong fish). This is a sacred species that always blesses the fishermen when they go out to sea,” he said.

A farmer is carrying rice after harvesting by boat in Phu Cat, Binh Dinh. Landscape, weather, and seasonal shooting time (such as the ripe rice season) are important factors for a good landscape photo. Photographers sometimes have to go back and forth a lot to get a good picture.

Bustling scene on Tam Tien fish market in Nui Thanh district, about 15 km from Tam Ky city, Quang Nam. The market is only open in the summer (in the male fish season) and is the largest wholesale seafood market in the province. In the morning, hundreds of fishing boats carrying fish and shrimps gather along the shore. More than 15 years ago, Tam Tien was simply a place where boats dock. Today, when the number of fishing boats increases, traders also concentrate more, creating a bustling market.

“I take photos that are more landscape, feel Vietnam is beautiful. Depending on how high or low angle is shown, Vietnam is always beautiful. However, there are many beautiful scenes in some places that must be thanks to new drones. fully capture the beauty of a natural picture. Landscape photos taken with drones are also a way for photographers to promote their homeland to domestic and international readers,” he shared.

Fishermen cast their fishing nets (with an element of arrangement), a familiar image when photographers come to compose at Nhu Y River (Vi Da ward, Hue city).

“Taking pictures with a drone always carries a lot of risk factors, especially loss of signal, falling of the drone. But perhaps a high-altitude photography enthusiast accepts that risk, in order to get a good photo like that.” , Mr. Nhan said.

Herding buffalo in a flooded and weedy field on the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh City.

People feed ducks in Tra O lagoon, Binh Dinh, a scene of everyday life but showing a bold image of the countryside through an overhead angle.

The nipa palm forest in Tinh Khe, Quang Ngai, where many aquatic species live, provides an abundant source of life for farmers.

Photo: Drone Awards/Cao Ky Nhan