The scenery of Nha Trang


The majestic Luong Son Pass, the road covered with bougainvillea, and the clear blue beach are the scenes that will delight runners when running at VM Nha Trang.

Tran Phu Street with a length of 12km embracing the clear blue beach will be the main route of all 4 distances at the upcoming VM Nha Trang. Along the beach is a system of neatly trimmed green parks. Running on this road in the early morning, the shade of trees still covering the road, runners will feel the coolness and freshness of each wind and the bustle when thousands of tourists go to the beach early.

Runners participating in the half marathon and full marathon will run twice across Tran Phu Bridge, the lifeline bridge connecting the two most beautiful coastal routes in Nha Trang, Tran Phu and Pham Van Dong. When going up the bridge, the runners can zoom in on the panoramic view of one of the most beautiful bays in the world, the other side is Ngoc Thao Con and Ponagar tower.

Ponagar Tower is a Cham Pa temple more than 1,000 years old, located on the top of a hill about 10 meters above sea level. The tower has a 3-storey architecture, going from bottom to top according to stone steps. This is one of the largest Cham Pa relics in the country and is also a tourist attraction in Nha Trang.

An anchorage area for hundreds of boats and fishing boats. This place at dawn also becomes a bustling market place of people. Runner will run across this area when the sun has risen and feel the hustle of the market selling all kinds of fresh seafood.

Nha Trang is called by many tourists by the name “paper flower city”. From the park, the median to the bus shelter or the high cliffs, visitors can easily see the streets filled with flowers.

Pictured is a cliff on Luong Son pass covered with bougainvillea. Local people said that the flowers were originally planted to beautify both sides of the road. Later, due to the suitable soil, the tree itself climbed to nearly 20 meters high, blooming red flowers. In addition to confetti, along the way to Luong Son pass, there are many phoenix flowers. This place also often appears herds of wild monkeys to find food.

Luong Son Pass is 10km from the city center. The pass has a wild and peaceful beauty with winding bends, one side is green cliffs, one side is the immense sea. This route will also be a challenge for full marathon runners. With a height of nearly 150 meters at many points, runners can relax in the middle of nature and admire the magnificent landscape in this area. The organizers of VM Nha Trang said that this road will be completely banned on the day of the tournament so that runners can run and check-in along the way.

The characteristic of Luong Son Pass is that there is little traffic. This place has become a favorite backpacking and sightseeing route for many tourists. In the afternoon, visitors can visit the mobile water vending machines on the original trees and enjoy the poetic beauty at sunset.

Tram Huong Tower next to April 2 Square is one of the symbols of Nha Trang. Detach has a 3-storey architecture. The first floor includes a park with a yard, a fountain, a flower garden, clusters of decorative statues, 5 clusters of sculptures to shape the waves. The 2nd floor is the tower body with sails and petals sculpted. The last floor of the tower has a stylized bass core, like a lighthouse. At the top of the tower is a crystal ball like a jewel. This area will also be the place to place the starting and ending gates of VM Nha Trang.

VnExpress Marathon Marvelous Nha Trang took place on August 28 with a scale of more than 6,000 runners. The event is expected to create a bustling atmosphere for the coastal city and help participants and visitors have unforgettable experiences during their trip at the end of summer.