The scenery of Quy Nhon on the VnExpress Marathon

Quy Nhon beach, Thi Nai lagoon, Phuong Mai sand hill, and wind power fields appear in turn through the running steps of 10,000 runners.

Quy Nhon city on the morning of June 12 was covered with the colors of VnExpress Marathon runners. From the downtown square, they spread out the roads, conquering 4 distances. Through the lens of photographers, Quy Nhon appears vibrant and bustling.

Xuan Dieu Street is about 3.5km long, bringing athletes to watch the beach from the moment of dawn until dawn. Many runners said that running along the beach, listening to the sound of the waves, helps them get more inspired.

At 4:50 am, Quy Nhon’s sky is red in the morning light. The impressive scene is most clearly felt by runners when running on Thi Nai bridge.

Through Thi Nai lagoon, athletes continue to see the wild beauty of wind power fields and Phuong Mai sand dunes.

The scenery of blue sky and golden sand when passing Phuong Mai hill makes runners excited. However, this is also a challenging road for athletes when the temperature is high, it is easy to lose strength.

In the sand dunes area, the organizers arranged many fountains and many watering stations to fuel runners. Volunteers are also constantly shouting and cheering to warm up the athletes’ spirit.

Thi Nai Bridge is a challenge every athlete wants to conquer when coming to Quy Nhon. The bridge over the sea is 7km long with 54 spans with a certain slope that makes it difficult for many runners to cross. However, from the bridge, runners can see the whole view of Thi Nai lagoon and Quy Nhon city. This can be considered the most beautiful part of the whole journey.

The 21km and 42km runners will experience running on the bridge in both directions. Mr. Nguyen Van Nam said that even though he is from Quy Nhon, being able to run through the symbol of the city in a big race still makes him excited and excited. “Thanks to this run, I feel that Quy Nhon’s image becomes more beautiful. Hopefully next year I can continue to participate in the race,” Mr. Nam shared.

(According vnexpress)