The spring fair is 3 km long in the East of Hanoi

Visitors can visit the flower market, shop at Tet booths, participate in folk games, watch music performances… at the 2024 Vinhomes spring fair.

Spring fair with the theme “Market is more fun than Tet – Street is more crowded than festival” organized by Vinhomes from January 25 to February 8 in Ocean City with a scale of up to 3 km, from a shopping and service complex. , Center Point cuisine (Vinhomes Ocean Park 2) to the Venice subdivision at Grand World (Vinhomes Ocean Park 3).

Participating in the event, visitors can check-in at thousands of beautiful photo corners in areas such as the Ocean City Tet grand display on 4 Seasons Avenue; A grand scene of paintings of four vases and flowers to welcome spring at the Capital of Light square; The area recreating modern Tet scenes, Hang Street at Center Point… Along with that, miniature landscapes are arranged alternately such as the art flower area with the words Phuc – Loc – Tho…

Large landscape and miniature landscape areas at the spring fair welcome gate.  Photo: Vinhomes
Large landscape and miniature landscape areas at the spring fair welcome gate. Photo: Vinhomes

One of the highlights of the spring fair are tens of thousands of colorful trees and flowers. Visitors can prepare costumes such as traditional ao dai, modern ao dai or any other item they love to take memorable photos.

In addition, right at Center Point and the Capital of Light square, there are also stalls selling and renting Tet costumes with a variety of designs to serve tourists. Accompanying it are photo booths with modern Tet style such as newsstands, studios with instant photo printing booths… Visitors can also visit the decor booth areas, the spring book fair with check-out corners. -print specifically designed, or simply take photos with local produce stalls.

Uniquely decorated photo spots will be popular check-in spots for many people
The decorated photo spots attract tourists. Photo: Vinhomes

In addition to VinWonders’ daily animated activities organized around the theme of Tet such as parades, brass bands, street circus, fire dancing, The Grand Voyage Show – Tet version… visitors can also enjoy other shows. Performing arts from the three regions of North – Central – South such as adoration singing, mandarin singing, Hue royal court music, Southern folk singing…

On this occasion, visitors can also experience traditional games such as bridge throwing, tug of war, rope jumping, capturing the flag, traditional martial arts… making lucky money, paper fans, making traditional cakes, writing calligraphy… .at workshops held every day on the fair’s grounds.

To enhance the experience factor, the organizers also open interactive and good-luck activities from cultures around the world such as wish-making trees, tarot card fortune-telling, physiognomy…

At the 2024 Spring Fair, there will be folk art programs from three regions held throughout
A cultural exchange program with many performances imbued with the folk culture of the three regions will be available at the spring fair. Photo: Vinhomes

In addition to traditional activities, Vinhomes also has many Korean-style New Year programs such as hanbook performances, street bands; Japanese style with Yosakoi dances or Chinese-style mascots and face-changing dances. Besides, there are many stage areas designed according to the typical cultures of countries around the world.

This spring fair also brings together more than 400 booths, providing a variety of domestic and international products, including regional products, home decorations, consumer goods… Some The stall also guides visitors on how to wrap banh chung and banh tet, and what to pay attention to when displaying five-fruit trays.

Visitors can experience the ancient and traditional culture of Vietnamese people
Tourists watch calligraphy at the fair. Photo: Vinhomes

To visit and shop at the Ocean City 2024 spring fair, visitors can go through the Hanoi – Hai Phong expressway, National Highway 5 or use VinBus green public transport with bus routes operating from 6:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., frequency every 15-20 minutes.

Routes connecting the central area of ​​Hanoi city include: E01 (My Dinh bus station – Nga Tu So intersection – Vinhomes Ocean Park); E02 (Hao Nam – Long Bien – Vinhomes Ocean Park); E03 (My Dinh Bus Station – Thai Ha – Vinhomes Ocean Park); Free routes OCT01, OCT02 and OCT03 connect central areas such as Royal City, Times City, Hoan Kiem Lake, Van Giang to Ocean City.

In addition, Ocean City residents as well as tourists can also use free internal VinBus routes to travel when shopping, checking in or participating in activities at the fair.

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