The “strange” coconut jam costs nearly 400,000 VND/kg, buyers must order in advance

This type of jam is made from Tra Vinh specialty coconuts, buyers must order in advance to get it.

Waxed coconut, also known as thick coconut, creamed coconut is a type of coconut with thick fruit, the coconut meat is thicker, softer and fatter than regular coconut, and the coconut water is thick and clear like dew. A unique specialty only found in Tra Vinh, Vietnam, coconuts are grown in Cay Xanh fields, about 4 km from Cau Ke town (Tra Vinh).

Waxed coconut is currently the most expensive coconut in Vietnam, the current price is up to 180,000 VND/fruit. Tra Vinh is the only province that grows wax coconuts and can only supply about 10,000 nuts/year, not meeting the needs of tourists who buy them for trial. Low output is also the reason why coconut wax prices are high.

This type of coconut is used to make many types of beverages. Normally, users often use coconut rice in a blender along with some other spices to create a unique snack. Coconut oil is also used in the production of confectionery, making coconut rice, coconut jelly, coconut jam…

"Exotic" coconut jam costs nearly 400,000 VND/kg, buyers must order in advance - 1

Waxed coconut is currently being sold for 380,000 VND/kg, retail.

More than a year ago, Ms. Lieu Nguyen – the focal point for selling Tra Vinh specialties, said she had made coconut wax jam and was trusted by many people to buy.

“I have failed countless times to produce a complete coconut wax jam to sell to the market. Customers were initially curious and ordered to try it, but then they ordered a lot to eat,” she said.

The reason she makes wax coconut jam is with the desire to enhance the value of the specialty fruit of her homeland. Therefore, she applied the regular coconut jam recipe to make wax coconut jam. However, she encountered many difficulties because coconut wax has more oil and is much more difficult to grow.

“Regular coconut has less oil, so slicing is much simpler. There are many types of coconut oil wax, and slugs are very difficult. I worked together with 4-5 other people. First, I went to buy wax coconuts at local people’s houses, brought them home to get rice, and then had to marinate them in sugar for a few hours before slicing them. The sauce must also be very low heat so as not to burn and must be very dry so that the jam does not become soggy.

The slicing process is very difficult, I had to cut the coconut jam into large pieces so that the slugs would shrink even more. Large pieces will be more flexible than small pieces, if too dry the slug will be hard,” she said.

"Exotic" coconut jam costs nearly 400,000 VND/kg, buyers must order in advance - 2

Every day, she delivers 5-10kg to customers and she only does it when there is a pre-order.

Thanks to that, when sold to the market, customers trust it and buy it again and again. Currently, she sells an average of 5-10kg of jam every day, all of which are pre-ordered by customers. “Because making jam right away is better than keeping it for a long time, and homemade jam has no preservatives and can be stored for a short time,” she said.

As for last year’s Tet season, during the few months of Tet, she sold about 300 – 400 kg of coconut wax jam. The current jam price she is selling is 380,000 VND/kg retail, while the wholesale price is a bit lower.

To get a pound of jam, she said she needs to use 4-5 wax coconuts. There are many types of waxed coconut, retail prices range from 60,000 – 180,000 VND/kg. Therefore, the produced jam has such a high price. Currently, she is collecting wax coconuts to prepare to make jam for Tet this year.

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