The temple on the tea hill

LAM DONG – Tra Pagoda is in the middle of a tea hill more than 800 m high in Loc Phat ward, Bao Loc city, facing Nam Phuong lake with charming scenery.

Tra Pagoda is named after the tea tree (also known as tea tree) – the symbolic agricultural product of the land of Bao Loc. The pagoda is located on a tea hill more than 800 m high in Loc Phat ward, Bao Loc city, built by Venerable Thich Dong Hanh in 2012.

This land is thousands of square meters wide, formerly wild, dirt roads, people make use of the area for farming. After many years, the entrances have been poured with concrete, and many new items have been built to serve spiritual needs.

Along with the Dambri waterfall, Tra Pagoda is one of the famous landmarks of Bao Loc city, a destination not to be missed by many tourists.

Right at the entrance to the gate is the main hall, made of wooden poles, a tiled roof, a tempered glass facade, and flowers in front of the hall.

The space inside the main hall is more than 100 m2 wide, in the middle there is a large Buddha statue, in addition, an altar is arranged to place the five fruit trays, flower vases… Visitors often burn incense at the large censer placed outside the hall.

In addition to the Buddha statue, in the main hall, dozens of Arhats are placed on the chair, parallel to the wooden pillars, each about 4 meters apart.

In front of the main hall, a stone lion statue more than 2m high was erected, occasionally spraying water hourly.

Under the statue is a set of stone-cast teapots arranged among tea trees, meaning to create a highlight in accordance with the name of the temple.

The outstanding landscape here is a red lantern path hundreds of meters long between the tea hills, connecting from the yard to the shore of Nam Phuong Lake.

Visitors to the pilgrimage often choose the check-in point in the middle of the tea hill. Here you can get the background of green tea trees and a lake with reed meadows blowing in the wind.

“The scenery here is charming, bringing peace and quiet. Every weekend, I often bring my family here on pilgrimage and sightseeing,” said Le Huu Cong (photographer), a resident of the Bao Lam district. , speak.

Some other electric buildings on the campus are also made with the main architecture being tempered glass surrounded, and hanging lanterns in front.

The check-in points to celebrate the New Year are changed by the temple every year, with a mascot each year. Many sets of stone tables and chairs are placed among the lawns so that people can sit and rest, drink water and chat.

Near the courtyard of the main hall, there is a buffalo carriage, on the side is a rice field about 10 m2 wide, creating a peaceful scene of a rural village. Many young people often pose for photos in this area.

Behind the buffalo, carriage is the “Wishing Temple”, where the wish cards of tourists are kept every time they visit the temple.

The pagoda has a direct view of Nam Phuong Lake, surrounded by green tea hills, creating a beautiful landscape with fresh and cool air, attracting many tourists to pilgrimage and check-in.

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