The trio of small islands with thousands of “virtual living” corners captures the hearts of every visitor who comes to Phu Quoc

The clear blue sea, fine white sand, and golden sunshine are the features that the beautiful islands in Phu Quoc make visitors’ hearts flutter.

Phu Quoc is not only the largest island in the country but also a place to hide many “paradise” on earth. There are many reasons for tourists to visit every five times seven times, such as the coast stretching from the north to the south of the island, the large amusement parks, or the delicious, attractive food. But apart from those reasons, the small islands surrounding the big island with wild and poetic beauty are also “weapons” that many tourists come to visit. As the islands with little human intervention, the three islands below still retain their distinct beauty and many interesting activities to explore the sea.

Nail Island

The beauty of this strange-sounding island will make you go from surprise to surprise. Because if you are someone who not only loves the sea but also the wildness and romance, Hon Mong Tay is a destination that you cannot ignore. The beach here has a special crescent moon shape because the island is hidden from the sea lanes with little traffic, so it still retains the natural peace. It will take visitors almost an hour to get to the island, but with the expectation of the blue sea all year round, the clear jade-colored water that sees through to the bottom, along with the rare charming scenery, you will never miss a visit. disappointed now.

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Not only enjoy swimming in the sea, but Mong Tay island is also an ideal place for camping or scuba diving to see corals and a beautiful set of photos with the sea is indispensable.

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Hon May Rut Trong

Phu Quoc has two May Rut islands, May Rut Trong and May Rut Trong, but May Rut Trong Island attracts many tourists because of its long stretch of fine white sand, and gentle and green beach. The island also has beautiful coconut trees, swings, and beautiful hammocks as a “background” for visitors to take the most “genuine” photos. Not only are there supporting tools from nature, but the beautiful pictures here are also sponsored by SUPs of all shapes and eye-catching colors. In addition, you can also choose to paddle SUP to leisurely watch the sea and coral reefs right at your feet. In particular, this is also a tool to support “production” of excellent photos.

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May Rut Island is always an attractive destination when you have the opportunity to visit pearl island because the pleasant and cool atmosphere will make you feel comfortable and forget the chaos and hustle from daily life.

Photo: Toan Nguyen

Gam Ghi Island

Gam Ghi Island, also known as Dam Ngang Island, is famous for its many brilliant coral reefs. This place is also a coral conservation area of ​​the Phu Quoc island district, so the density of coral is extremely dense. Gam Ghi Island does not have many human footprints, so you can relax and enjoy the natural beauty. The seawater at Hon Gam Ghi is emerald green, so you just need to dive a little into the water to see the coral reefs below. Strangely shaped rocky outcrops, long stretches of white sand and shimmering colorful coral reefs near the shore are the features that make visitors remember this island forever.

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The favorite activities of visitors when coming here are swimming, diving to see the coral, sunbathing along the sandy shore, or going to the primeval forest and discovering the exciting wild beauty of Phu Quoc island.

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