The unique set of photos about Saigon in the 90s through the lens of a Japanese photographer   

In the early 90s, Japanese photographer Doi Kuro spent a lot of time and effort traveling across Vietnam. Along the way, he used film cameras to capture many images of Vietnamese landscapes and people. Six years later, he returned to Vietnam again to shoot more. This article summarizes his photos of Saigon, which he posted on his personal page in 2017.

Looks like a sidewalk cafe called “No pee”

Ancient buildings on Ho Tung Mau street – 1990

Cyclo riders and balloon vendors

Sidewalk restaurant: Beef noodle soup with pork, vermicelli, beef noodle soup… priced from 400 to 700 VND

Guitars are sold on the sidewalk next to the cafe

Inside a restaurant, on the wall hung a picture of actress Diem Huong

Breakfast counter

A restaurant with menus ranging from pho, vermicelli, crispy fried noodles to beef hotpot and… blood pudding

A coffee shop in Cho Lon, on the wall there is also the word Happy New Year 1989

Restaurants in Cho Lon

Sidewalk coffee in Cho Lon

Chinese wonton noodle shop in Cho Lon

Taken in 1989

The cat above, dog below

Sidewalk restaurant on De Tham street

Near Duy Tan junction

Sidewalk meat bread cabinet

Cyclo driver

Mother and dog at a sidewalk cafe

Outside Nguyen Thi Dieu School, Tran Quoc Toan Street

Old market on Ham Nghi street

Lunch of a Saigon girl with her pets

Sidewalk grocery, selling snacks, cigarettes, oil, soft drinks…

Green trees on Ton Duc Thang street

Bring flowers to the city

Bui Vien – Tran Hung Dao junction

An old woman is playing with cats and dogs

People at the market

Ho Tung Mau Street

Bui Vien Street, next to the corner of Cong Quynh – Bui Vien (1990)

Crossroads Ho Tung Mau – Ham Nghi 1989

A famous restaurant on the sidewalk

Bread stall on Ham Nghi street

The streets are empty with bicycles

Grocery cart at the end of the alley

Tran Hung Dao Street

A corner of Nguyen Hue street seen from the high floor of the hotel, 1989

Cyclo near Ben Thanh market

The motorbikes of that time

Sidewalk snail shop

Christmas 1990 at Notre Dame

Bubble cart, jelly, cigarettes around the church

Lunch noodle shop

Take advantage of reading books while waiting for mom to go to the market

Coffee shop in Cho Lon area

Afternoon on Hai Ba Trung Street

Vinh Quang Cinema and Bach Dang ice cream shop at Le Loi – Pasteur intersection

Nguyen Hue flower market seen from above, the 4-sided clock is still there

Morning at the park 30/4

A cherry shop on the sidewalk 1996

In a Chinese bakery in Cho Lon

Noodle shops and a row of shops selling roasted duck at the intersection of Nguyen Cong Tru and Calmette streets

A shiny Citroen Traction Avant parked by the roadside

Snail shop in a small alley

Dogs and cats, animals that often appear in Doi Kuro’s photos

Construction site of a hotel

Selling watermelon

Inside Ben Thanh market

Carrying ornamental plants on Hai Ba Trung Street, 1996. On the right is the Pedagogical High School, now Tran Dai Nghia High School for the Gifted.

Snacking, 1996

Quach Thi Trang roundabout on a rainy day, 1996

Carrying fruit looks eye-catching next to two cubs 81 . trucks

In a hair salon in Cholon

Three-wheeler carrying plastic goods

Inside Binh Tay market, 1996

Car selling label, 1997

Motorcycles on the street

Food stalls combined with public phone service

A tailor shop selling ao dai

Versatile motorcycles

The dust of Cho Lon 1997

Outside an art shop, 1998

This set of photos, when posted, has received a lot of support from readers. Many people, when looking back, recognize their home, and their acquaintances and recall old memories. Many others exclaimed in surprise, “So there is such a Saigon with… Hong Kong character”.If you are a lover of old photos, don’t forget to save this post for review.

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