The way Hue people get creative with filtered powdered tea, the roasted pork version is surprisingly addictive

I thought tea was supposed to be sweet, but among the powdered tea versions, there’s a dish that pleases even those who like the salty taste.

When it comes to tea, Vietnam deserves to be the paradise of this dessert with a variety of ingredients and processing methods. There are many creative ways in the Hue people’s filtered powdered tea alone, including a version of the roasted pork filter powder that has a sweet and salty taste, which is very interesting to eat.

Green bean filter tea

Photo: Delicious dishes TN

Green bean tea is no longer new but has never been “outdated”, especially when combined with chewy filter powder, it is both cool and fun to eat. This version, if you add a few red apples to the stew along with green beans and a little vanilla, the taste is even more delicious and attractive.

Tea tastes better when eaten cold, so you should wait until it cools down and then store it in the refrigerator. Depending on your taste, you can add fresh milk or coconut milk to make it rich and rich.

Coconut-wrapped filter tea

Imagine, after chewing all the tough and flexible filter powder covering the outside, your teeth will touch the crunchy crispy coconut inside. At the same time, the tip of the tongue immediately feels the fat, fleshy, greasy taste of coconut, mixed with sweet sugar water and a slice of fresh ginger, lightly spicy, numb.

That’s the whole wonderful taste experience when you enjoy Hue’s famous coconut-wrapped powdered tea. Only from very simple and simple ingredients, Hue people have created such an interesting dessert.

Coconut worm tea with pandan leaves

Photo: Miss Ba Binh Duong

No longer being rolled into small round balls, in this version, people will mold the dough into long cylinders with many small grooves, which look very similar to the coconut weevil. The name of this tea is also derived from here.

During processing, pandan leaves will be put into the pot to cook until fragrant. This dish is often eaten with rock sugar, coconut milk, some roasted sesame and a few slices of fresh ginger.

Roasted Pork Powder Tea

Photo: Miss Ba Binh Duong

Referring to Hue cuisine, we must mention this alternating sweet and salty tea. Roast pork is no stranger to foodies, but instead of dipping it with sweet and sour fish sauce, Hue people now wrap it in a layer of filter powder and cook it with sugar water.

The sweet and salty combination seems unrelated but has created a unique and new flavor. The chewy, chewy dough balls are mixed with rich meat and mushrooms, with very strange chewing. The tea has a faint aroma of sticky leaves, making people forget their previous doubts.