‘The wife husband tree’ attracts visitors to check-in in Lang Son


The tree has a trunk divided into two branches that are tightly intertwined, which is a place many visitors visit when coming to Dong Lam steppe.

Photographer Hung Trong Vi, specializing in bringing tourists to Huu Lien commune, Lang Son, on a visit to your house, was surprised by the beauty of a leafy tree beside the Bac Mo dam. He took photos and posted them on tour groups, then brought guests over here for lunch and fresh air. The mango tree becomes an attractive destination on weekends. People who come to play Dong Lam steppe often turn here to experience it.

The conjugal tree beside the dam is green.
The conjugal tree beside the dam is green.

Originally just a tree that was planted by people to keep the soil from erosion, the tree is now named by the locals as “wife”. The trunk is divided into two branches from the base that are still tightly entwined as one. The canopy is large, reaching out to the water like a couple protecting their children.

The tree is beautiful in all four seasons, from spring and summer with bright green leaves until the autumn days when the yellow leaves fall, contrasting with the blue dam. Currently, the tree is only a check-in point, taking photos, without any services.

Visitors come here to take pictures, fish, rest, breathe in the fresh air of nature, listen to birds sing, and cicadas call on the mountainside. The area is more attractive to visitors in the hot season, when you can swim to your heart’s content in the clear and cool water, you can see the bottom.

Visiting the conjugal tree, you can combine a visit to the Dong Lam steppe with a wide lawn, horses and buffaloes grazing peacefully; Community cultural tourism village in Huu Lien commune with its own stilt houses. In addition, there are many markets in the commune with specialties for ethnic minorities. The suggested time for such a trip is 2 days and 1 night.

The road to the concubine tree is easy to go. If you take a car, you park at the cultural house in Ba Lang village, Huu Lien commune, Huu Lung district and walk about 500 m to the Bac Mo dam. Motorcycles can go straight to the dam, at the end of the road, walk 50 meters more, you will see the conjugal tree. The location of the tree is about 3 km from the Dong Lam steppe.

“The place is still new to tourists, but everyone who has been here being amazed at the beautiful natural scene,” Trong Vi shared.

Photo: Hung Vi