The wild beauty of Diep Son island cluster

KHANH HOA – In September, there are still many tourists coming to Diep Son island to enjoy the wild beauty and unique sea route.

Diep Son is an island village with 6 floating islands and 2 sinking islands in Van Thanh commune, Van Ninh district. This cluster of islands has become a popular tourist destination in recent years. Viewed from above, the islands are located close to each other, separated by a waterway (the path formed by sand forming a path in the middle of the sea) hundreds of meters long. Visitors can walk on the sea to admire the islands.

In the Diep Son island cluster, Buddha island (Doc island) and Hon Giua (Crow island) are well known. Visitors are impressed by the 400 m long road connecting the two islands. Mr. Trinh Minh Dai Anh, an eco-tourist at reclining Buddha island, said that the road connecting the two islands can be traveled all year round, at the highest tide the water is only waist-deep. “The best time to take pictures on this road is the ankle-deep ginseng water, with fish wading around,” Dai Anh said.

Mr. Huu Long (Nha Trang City) paddles, swim near the area of ​​the reclining Buddha island. Having been to the island many times, he said that when the sun is high, the sea surface will be clearer and the seabed can be seen as very beautiful.

Dawn at the island of reclining Buddha (left) and Hon Giua.

The huts on the island of Buddha lie for tourists to rest. Coming to this place, visitors can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery but also eat delicious, bold dishes of the people of the sea. The cost of experiencing the day in the Diep Son island cluster ranges from 500,000 to 700,000 VND/person.

Hon Bip, the most densely populated place in Diep Son island village, with 96 households (over 400 people).

Every day, staff at Diep Son island resort still clean up trash to keep the beach clean and serve residents and visitors.

Peaceful scene in Diep Son island cluster in the early morning.

For the first time with 6 friends traveling to the Diep Son island cluster, Mr. Nguyen Cong Tu (HCMC) said that the experience at this place is completely different from the clear islands in Nha Trang Bay. “Here, the sea is very clean, the air is fresh, and there are not many people, so I feel like I’m not interested,” said Tu, adding that because he had no experience with the tide calendar, when he came to the island, he still experienced the experience. No satisfactory photos yet.

Mr. Trinh Minh Dai Anh, who works as an eco-tourist on Reclining Buddha Island, guides young tourists in kayak. “Even though the water is shallow, we are still not subjective, always reminding visitors to ensure safety when having fun,” he said.

From Nha Trang city, along Highway 1 about 60 km to the north, visitors arrive at the wharf area in Van Gia town (Van Ninh district). Here, you can choose to take a canoe or a fisherman’s wooden boat to visit the islands in Diep Son village (Van Thanh commune, Van Ninh district) in a time of 10-15 minutes.

Photo: Internet