The wild beauty of Kho Quy Nhon island

BINH DINH – Hon Kho is visited by many tourists when coming to Quy Nhon thanks to its unspoiled beauty, blue sea and fine white sand.

Hon Kho is located in Nhon Hai commune, Quy Nhon city, nearly 20 km from the city center. This is one of the islands near the shore of Binh Dinh. Hon Kho in June is beautiful and peaceful with blue sea and white sand. Visitors from the city center to Hon Kho can take motorbikes, taxis or public buses.

Hon Kho has emerged as a coral viewing spot of Quy Nhon in recent years. With a wild look, this place attracts many tourists to have fun. As seen from above, seaweed and coral create a beautiful color.

In recent years, Hon Kho has emerged as a destination for tourists when coming to Quy Nhon. In the photo, tourists swim and dive next to a fisherman’s raft house used as an on-site tourist service for 10,000 VND per person.

Stretching white sand protruding in the middle of Hon Kho is a place that attracts many tourists to swim, snorkel and enjoy food on fish rafts.

Visitors from the mainland to Hon Kho about 5 minutes with fisherman boats or canoes with prices ranging from 80,000 to 200,000 VND per person.

Anh Dat, a tourist from Ho Chi Minh City, dives to see the coral at Hon Kho while traveling with a group of friends. “I find the habitat here very beautiful, attracting me with clear, clean water. The people are also very friendly”, Mr. Dat said.

Coral populations in the Hon Kho area are strictly protected for conservation. In addition to coral, visitors can also see creatures living on the sea floor such as fish, starfish, snails…

Starfish under the coral conservation area in Hon Kho.

A group of tourists from Hanoi takes pictures on the dry island. “When I first came to Quy Nhon, I really liked the scenery here, especially the food, very delicious,” said Ms. Hang, a tourist from Hanoi.

Children in Nhon Hai fishing village behind is Kho island. Hon Kho has very few trees and almost no trees are too tall, so it is very sunny. So, if you don’t want to go out and have sweet skin, you should be fully equipped with hats, hats, and sunscreen.

The peaceful scene of Nhon Hai fishing village in the afternoon until tourists and locals join in playing soccer on the beach.

Hon Kho is most beautiful from April to September every year.

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