There is a beautiful and peaceful Xuan Hai fishing village in the land of yellow flowers and green grass in Phu Yen

Xuan Hai fishing village is not too famous on the tourist map of Phu Yen, but it is a beautiful destination with an enchanting ink painting, where once you arrive you will not be able to leave.

Phu Yen – the land of yellow flowers and green grass never make people stop loving because of the poetic beauty of a peaceful sea, where every time people are tired, they rush to immerse themselves in the simple space. Dreaming to let the soul find peace and clarity and one of the most ideal destinations to “heal” is Xuan Hai fishing village. It has always made people fall in love every time they look at it. 

Visiting Xuan Hai fishing village bewildered with a peaceful look 

Xuan Hai Phu Yen fishing village is located in the territory of Song Cau town, near Cu Mong pass, which borders Binh Dinh province. An advantage of this tourist destination is that it is located right on the national highway, so visitors who want to stop at this fishing village are very easy, moving to the end of Song Cau district will encounter a peaceful small fishing village in the middle of the river. The sea and sky are so beautiful. 

Xuan Hai fishing village is located near Cu Mong pass, bordering Binh Dinh. Photo: @alex._.hutra.

Coming to Xuan Hai fishing village , you will be amazed by the picturesque beauty. The sea water here is very clear, the blue color gently see through to the bottom, the sea surface is like a giant mirror that blends with the color of the sky into an endless strip.

The sea scene of Xuan Hai fishing village seen from afar. Photo: @mawanusa_

Seen from afar, the fishing village with its long, pure white beach runs curved in a semicircle like a gentle silk carpet beside the water. On the blue sea are basket boats, fishing boats peacefully parked or moving in the middle of the ocean, creating a picture that is both idyllic and close to people’s hearts, making many travelers’ hearts flutter and flutter. motion. 

Curved semicircular beach. Photo: @aymer.lam__.

The space in Xuan Hai village is peaceful to simple with rustic beauty, simple but also full of charm. The scene of a fishing village stands out by the waves with tiled-roof houses nestled in the green of coconut groves, majestic mountains and hills, and the vast ocean. Just looking to the sea, visitors will encounter the peaceful blue color and the rich taste of the sea. The small paths leading to the fishing village with yellow sand all over the way make us more passionate and love this gentle coastal land.

The boats lie dormant in the middle of the ocean. Photo: @danjohnst_

Peaceful beauty always captivates people. Photo: @oonnaannoo_

Peaceful and simple life in the fishing village of the land of yellow flowers

Xuan Hai fishing village is one of the typical places of people’s life in coastal fishing villages, people here live by the sea, are attached to the sea and consider the vast ocean as their second home. mine. For generations, in addition to livestock on the shore, the people of Xuan Hai village have lived on boats, day by day casting fishing nets, enjoying an idyllic life with the “gifts” of the sea.

The people of the fishing village make their living by the sea. Photo: @mr.leebooo_

People in Xuan Hai fishing village will start a new day from the time the sun goes out and the evening shadows come back. They eagerly set sail on familiar wooden boats to begin their journey to pull nets from afternoon until dawn of the next day.

People start their working day when the sun goes down. Photo: Hoang Tuan

When the morning sun shines on the whole sea, the seasoned fishermen will dock their boats and begin to bring the fruits of a hard night ashore, with laughter and laughter everywhere. Xuan Hai fishing village beach at this time is very happy with buyers and sellers, the baskets are full of fish, eyes and smiles create a peaceful atmosphere to the end right in the middle of that bustling atmosphere. 

The early morning fish market in Xuan Hai village is very busy. Photo: Tuy Phong

To return to Xuan Hai is to return to peace. Photo: @tphwwg

Traveling to Phu Yen coastal area and coming to Xuan Hai fishing village, you will enjoy a “gift” of nature and people, where there is no hustle and bustle, but instead a peaceful and calm appearance. It’s as simple as an earnest invitation, making you want to come back so that your heart can find comfort, so that your soul can be soothed after the fatigue of the city life. 

Photo: Internet