Things to do in Hanoi at the end of autumn

Watching the dawn of West Lake, eating sticky rice with rice, and drinking coffee on the sidewalk of the old town are the favorite experiences of many people to enjoy the autumn atmosphere.

If you do not know where to go when coming to Hanoi, or what to do in mid-November to enjoy the cool atmosphere of autumn before winter arrives, here are suggestions from the locals, as well as the young people living in this place. this.

See the first rays of the new day

In Hanoi in November, the weather in the early morning is usually mild, and the afternoon is sunny but only below 30 degrees. At this time, you just need to choose wide roads, lots of trees or lakeside for a walk to “catch” beautiful moments in the sunshine.

Autumn morning in Hanoi near Hoan Kiem Lake. Photo: Vu Ngoc Thien

Breakfast in the old town

Visitors can also visit the old town, and have breakfast with local people at small roadside shops, under the cool autumn air. Hanoi street food is always highly appreciated by domestic and foreign diners, and has been honored many times in the international press.

One weekend morning viewed from the balcony on the second floor of the house located at the intersection, between Dinh Liet and Hang Bac streets. Photo: Hoang Long

Sip sticky rice with rice

Sticky rice is one of the unique gifts often associated with autumn in Hanoi. Coming to the capital on this occasion, visitors can see many street vendors selling these specialties. The most popular type of com is Lang Vong nuggets, a typical product of Vong village, Cau Giay district.

Com or sticky rice is usually wrapped in two layers of leaves. A layer of fresh leaves ensures that the dish does not dry out, the outermost layer is a layer of lotus leaves that still have a slight fragrance, tied with fresh yellow glutinous rice straw. Photo: Vu Ngoc Thien

Drinking coffee on the sidewalk

Egg coffee is a drink that many people refer to as a Hanoi specialty. However, in addition to this dish, locals still love black or milk coffee, which is made with a fragrant filter. The price per cup, depending on the place of sale, from about 15,000 VND(0,6$).

Egg coffee is a favorite drink of many tourists in Hanoi. Photo: Huong Chi

Take a walk around Sword Lake

Sword Lake is a natural freshwater lake located in the city center. Today, people still call this place by a rustic name, but it is more familiar “to the lakeside” instead of “to Sword Lake”. This is a famous destination, loved by domestic and foreign tourists.

Going to the lakeshore on a weekend, leisurely walking around the lake, walking around the nearby walking streets is an interesting experience that many people recommend.

Sword Lake is a destination that many people love to take pictures and check-in when coming to the capital. Photo: Vu Ngoc Thien.

Discover street food around Dong Xuan market area

Walking around the old town on autumn days, you have many attractive snack options such as dried beef salad, mixed chicken noodle soup, and grilled spring rolls… In addition, you can enjoy any of the snacks sold around the area. old town area. The food here is famous for being delicious and cheap.

Fried Banh Chung, a familiar dish of the people of the capital. Photo: Hoang Long

Visit the Cathedral

If Ho Chi Minh City has a Notre Dame Cathedral, Hanoi has a Cathedral. This is the cathedral of the Archdiocese of Hanoi, where the Archbishop’s throne is located. In addition to having religious significance, this place is also famous for being one of the typical French colonial buildings in the city, and is a favorite attraction of tourists when coming to the capital. The Cathedral area is also famous for another experience, which is loved by young people, which is drinking lemon tea, eating spring rolls around in the evening.

The cathedral is located on Nha Chung street, near Sword Lake. Photo: Vu Ngoc Thien

Watch the sunset at West Lake

One of the most beautiful places to watch sunrise and sunset is West Lake. Looking at the wide sky with only waves, water and clouds gradually changing from bright yellow to egg yolk, then dark orange… will be one of the unforgettable experiences for visitors to Hanoi from far away. .

Sunset at West Lake. Photo: Huong Chi

Smell the scent of milky flowers in the evening

Autumn in Hanoi is also associated with rows of sweet-smelling milk flower trees. Many local people are used to the smell of this flower, and sometimes feel “afraid” because it is too overwhelming. But the experience of seeing and smelling the faint scent of milk flowers when wandering the streets between the capital in the evening is something worth trying once in a lifetime.

Milk flowers can be found everywhere in Hanoi. Photo: Giang Trinh

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