Thong Nhat Park rose garden attracts visitors to check in

HANOI – The colorful rose bushes in Thong Nhat Park have bloomed, creating a brilliant scene, and attracting many people to take photos.

Thong Nhat Park, the largest park located in the inner city of Hanoi, after removing a section of fence to connect with the walking street around Thien Quang lake, becomes more spacious and airy. On weekends, many people come here to walk, relax, and admire the scenery.

Deputy General Director of Thong Nhat Park Company Limited Ma Kien Han said that from 2020 up to now, the company has planted tens of thousands of new rose trees to improve the landscape. The most recently planted area in February 2023 is 400 m on Tran Nhan Tong Street, where Hanoi City requested to remove the fence.

The weather conditions are favorable and recently, the rose bushes have bloomed brilliantly. Currently, the most beautiful flower blooming area is more than 300 meters from the gate on Le Duan Street. This is the first place in the park to be planted with roses, in 2020.

The flower garden in the Le Duan gate area is planted and cared for by agricultural experts, Mr. Han said. Experts have tested and selected a number of rose varieties that are well adapted to the weather and soil conditions here such as Van Khoi ancient rose, Sapa ancient rose, Bulgarian rose, sister rose, queen rose. Flower clusters are planted alternately to create a brilliant, eye-catching scene.

Last weekend, many Hanoi residents took advantage of the blooming rose garden in the park to take photos.

Thong Nhat Park has stopped selling entrance tickets from January 1, 2023, visitors can visit for free.

Ms. Trinh Thi Thu (photo), Dong Da district, said she saw roses blooming in the park a few days ago when she happened to pass by. On the afternoon of January 7, she and her husband came here to take photos. Her husband had a camera so they did not hire a professional photographer and only spent 5,000 VND for parking.

Many people rent ao dai costumes to take Tet photo shoots to welcome the new year. Mr. Han said the number of visitors to the park has increased by about 20% compared to the same period last year.

Ms. Bui Le An, 53 years old, lives near the park and comes here to exercise every day. She said that this year’s rose garden has many flowers blooming, larger and more beautiful than in previous years.

Not only adults, children also enjoy taking photos with the rose garden.

This is the third batch of flowers in about a month. The flowers bloom continuously, each one overlaps the previous one, about 5-6 weeks apart. Mr. Han said the roses are regularly cared for by staff and trimmed of poor quality flowers or broken or fallen branches.

When walking or exercising in the evening, visitors can see the fragrant scent of flowers spreading through the chilly air. The time when the flower scent is most fragrant is when the buds are in bloom. After the flower petals fully bloom, the fragrance will decrease.

At the gate of Thong Nhat Park on Dai Co Viet Street, rows of roses are also budding, expected to bloom in the next 2-3 weeks.

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