Three experiences not to miss on Ba Den Mountain on March 8

Check-in at the European-style garden with tens of thousands of tulips, watching a water music show and offering lanterns at the beginning of the year… are interesting experiences at Ba Den Mountain.

Experience the European-style flower garden

In recent years, tulips have become a “specialty” of Ba Den Mountain every spring. Before Tet, tulip varieties imported from the Netherlands were brought to Ba Den Mountain to be domesticated, cared for, and adapted to the weather conditions on the highest mountain in the South.

Hundreds of thousands of tulips with 8 flower colors including pink, purple, white, red, yellow, red with yellow border, white purple, white notched, bloom in the mountain top area, making visitors feel like they are lost in a garden. Europe.

Diverse flower colors on the top of Ba Den mountain.  Photo: Sun World
Diverse flower colors on the top of Ba Den mountain. Photo: Sun World

According to Mr. Ngo Minh Chau – landscape manager of Sun World Ba Den Mountain Tourist Area, this is an imported flower variety so it is very difficult to grow due to unsuitable weather and climate.

“We have a special care regime with a similar climate simulation environment until flower buds bloom. Thanks to that, the tulips on Ba Den Mountain always retain the original beauty and color of the special flower variety. displayed in the Netherlands,” Mr. Chau said.

In particular, March 8 of this year is the peak blooming time of 30,000 tulips in the last two waves of the tulip season on the roof of the South. This is an opportunity for women to check-in with the symbolic flower of the Netherlands in Tay Ninh this year.

This year’s International Women’s Day is also an opportunity for women to join in the vibrant atmosphere of lotus dances amid colorful flower gardens. “For each woman wearing ao dai to go to Ba Den Mountain on this occasion, we will give a bouquet of flowers as a token of gratitude and wishes of peace and happiness to half of the world,” said Ms. Dao Thi Viet – Deputy Director of Sun World Ba Den Mountain adds.

Watch a country music show

Against the backdrop of the world’s largest sandstone Bodhisattva Maitreya statue at the center, the water music show is a combination of light, laser, water, and meditative music.

Modern equipment and advanced technology will be used at this country music show such as Laser drawing machines, 3D projectors, Laser contour machines, or moving head lights that combine impressive repeating pattern effects.

Thanks to that, in the spiritual space on the highest mountain in the South, visitors will admire the radiance emanating from Bodhisattva Maitreya, and uniquely shaped tableaus such as the Tay Thien sky and the clouds. five colors, lotus flowers, lucky coins, or the simple burlap sack that Maitreya always carries on his shoulder.

Unique water music show in Tay Ninh.  Photo: Sun World
Unique water music show in Tay Ninh. Photo: Sun World

The water musical effects, when quiet and sometimes explosive, are created by 400 spray troughs creating overflow effects, 800 solenoid valves creating waterfalls, 360 pumps with many flexible adjustment capacity ranges and 290 nozzles of various types for use. Using advanced spraying technology and a system of 1,450 specialized lights.

With the artistic combination of sound, light and water, the water music show takes viewers into the sacred space of the Buddha’s land, creating a meaningful experience when reaching the highest mountain peak in the South in the early days. spring.

Offering a lantern to pray for peace at the beginning of the year

Offering flower lanterns has become a typical spiritual cultural ritual at the top of Ba Den mountain, attracting thousands of Buddhists and tourists to attend on Saturday nights. Held in the large square at the foot of the Lady Buddha statue. In Tay Bo Da Son, offering lanterns is an opportunity for people to send their wishes for peace and luck through the light of a lantern to the Buddhas.

In Buddhist culture, flower lanterns symbolize the lamp of wisdom, illuminating the way for people. Every lit flower lantern is a prayer sending a good thought, a peaceful thought for yourself and for everyone.

Scene of thousands of Buddhists attending the lantern offering ceremony on Ba Den Mountain.  Photo: Sun World
Scene of thousands of Buddhists attending the lantern offering ceremony on Ba Den Mountain. Photo: Sun World

At Ba Den Mountain, each visitor will write their own wishes and light the lantern, immersing themselves in the solemn atmosphere in the ceremony of passing the lantern, reciting Buddha’s name and releasing the lantern on the water in the large square. After the ceremony, the lanterns will be transformed with the hope that the visitors’ wishes will come true.

During the last two full moon days of January, the lantern offering ceremony on Ba Den Mountain attracted nearly 200,000 people and tourists to attend. Sun World Ba Den Mountain representative predicts that March 8 will be the time when a large number of people and tourists come to Ba Den Mountain to offer lanterns, because this is the last week of January – a time for people to pray for peace. , luck and fortune for the new year.

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