Three minimalist style hotels in Da Lat

LAM DONG – These resorts are designed with minimalism and modernity, bringing a strange breeze to the mountain town.

Choi House has 3 resort branches in Da Lat, of which the address 100 Nam Ho is attractive thanks to its minimalist and fancy design style. Because it is located at the end of the alley, the house is favored with an unobstructed panoramic view of the vegetable cages and the foggy city of Da Lat. Photo: Resort

The rooms are designed with large windows so that guests can enjoy the panoramic view as much as possible, especially the starry sky at night. The gold paint color combined with the surrounding glass material exudes a classic and modern breath. Photo: Resort

The rooms inside are also minimally designed, with little furniture, the main color tones of white and gray create a sense of lightness. Room rates here from 680,000 a day for two guests. Large room as in the photo for 4 guests, priced from 890,000 VND per day. Photo: Resort

The Loop is a complex that includes a bonsai yard, a coffee shop, and a resort. In particular, the main building is designed in the form of a hollow, modern and unique circle. Thanks to the new design, guests can sit anywhere or stay in any room to enjoy the sun and enjoy the scenery of Da Lat. Photo: Resort

In the middle of the circle is a spacious garden with cool green colors, suitable for visitors who love plants or want to take pictures to check in. The resort has a total of 12 rooms, the doors facing the garden and pine hills help visitors feel the atmosphere of Dalat right from the bed. Photo: Trung Nghia

The rooms inside the design are minimalist, bright white. A night’s stay here costs about 1 million to 3 million. However, an inconvenience is that coffee drinkers often take pictures to check-in in the garden, which can lose the atmosphere for guests who love privacy. Photo: Resort

Cap Am is an outstanding homestay on To Vinh Dien street, Bach Dang residential area – Ngo Quyen, Ward 6. With its unique design of a perforated white facade, this homestay especially shines in the sunset and evening. The minimalist but unique architecture is praised by the famous architecture website Archdaily. Photo: Trieu Chien Studio

Inside the homestay is considered a game of light. During the day, guests will experience the light from the sun shining inside through the perforated facade and glass roof, creating interesting lighting effects. Photo: Trieu Chien Studio

The interior of the room is minimalist, with little furniture with unusual windows. Homestay has a total of 3 floors and an attic floor, with 9 rooms ranging from rooms type 2-4 people to a room for larger groups. A night’s stay here costs from 1.2 million VND. Photo: Resort