Three natural destinations in Ba Ria – Vung Tau

Suoi Nghe sheep hill, green rock lake, or coriander field for you to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.

Besides famous tourist destinations such as Ho Tram, Ho Coc… Ba Ria – Vung Tau province also attracts tourists thanks to the beauty of peaceful destinations, close to nature, and suitable for vacations. Weekend break, depart from Ho Chi Minh City. Here are three emerging destinations that are visited and photographed by many tourists.

Blue rock lake

The lake is cool and peaceful for you to enjoy with many beautiful photos. Photo: Khanh Thien

Located near the slopes of Dinh mountain, Tan Thanh district, the blue rock lake is surrounded by hills, creating a green and peaceful scene, and is one of the recent tourist attractions.

The highlight is a wooden bridge spanning the middle of the lake, swings, white fences, straw huts… you will enjoy owning memorable “virtual living” photos. In addition, thanks to the romantic and poetic scenery, this is also the place to take wedding photos of many couples.

Because it is located far from a residential area, the price of food services in this area is quite high. For a more complete experience, visitors can bring food and drinks.

Suoi Nghe sheep hill

Visitors experience feeding sheep at the sheep hill. Photo: Khanh Thien

Sheep Hill is located in Suoi Nghe commune, Chau Duc district, about 70 km from Ho Chi Minh City. There are a few hundred sheep of grazing households, mainly raised for meat and wool.

Recently, sheep hill has attracted many tourists to take pictures and check in, including many couples. To serve this need, people have made services for visitors to experience such as taking pictures with sheep, feeding sheep, and herding sheep… in the middle of a spacious and peaceful space.

Coriander field

The field of cilantro is green, blooming with white flowers, giving off a sweet fragrance to attract visitors. Photo: Khanh Thien

Coriander field is located in Phuoc Tan 1 hamlet, Tan Hung commune, about 100 km from the center of Ho Chi Minh City. Flowers bloom a lot at the end of the year, lasting until after Tet. The delicate white petals create a romantic scene, especially suitable for tourists who want to take pictures.

However, taking pictures of the vast scenery here is not easy if you want to see all the beauty of each flower and the vast field of flowers. Therefore, visitors need to prepare “tools” carefully, and it is best to “write a script” for each photo.