Three quirky pubs

HANOI – Restaurants with snails, intestines, and Korean food are decorated in a young and creative way, different from the imagination of many people when it comes to pubs.

If you want to have a good time with friends in a new, creative and youthful space, you can refer to the following addresses, with innovative designs. The common point of the shops is that there are many led and neon lights with a unique space.

Lady snail – Sister’s pub

The shop has 3 compartments, the walls are decorated with LED lights with many interesting words.  Photo: Trung Nghia
The shop has 3 compartments, the walls are decorated with LED lights with many interesting words. Photo: Trung Nghia

Located in a place where there are many restaurants for young people, “Snail Lady” is a pub with main dishes from snails, processed in the coastal style of Quang Ninh, Hai Phong with a variety of sauces. Unlike normal snail shops, the restaurant is designed in a youthful and dynamic style with many LED and neon lights, making diners feel like they are in a miniature club or pub in Japan. Diners coming here can take many beautiful photos with special lighting effects.

The menu of the restaurant is diverse with all kinds of sea snails, clams and cockles with prices from 60,000 to 150,000 VND. If you want to eat more, you can order more spicy cheese baking pans, suitable for 3-4 people, or snacks such as cheese spring rolls, fried quail with tamarind, fried noodles with snail nails… drinking game (challenging drinking game). The only minus point of the restaurant is that the space is a bit mysterious.

Address: 108 C8 Lane 12 Nui Truc Street.


9pm looks like a pub from the outside.  Photo: Facebook 9pm
9pm looks like a pub from the outside. Photo: Facebook 9pm

From the outside, 9pm looks like a pub or sells European goods, but in fact, this is a heart shop. The shop has a luxurious black-key exterior design, the highlight is a large wine bottle-shaped door with led lights and two large ornamental plants on the 2nd-floor balcony. The shop has two floors, mainly serving drinks and food. heart dishes, including heart porridge hot pot. The restaurant’s special dish is a mixed fried heart with garlic and fried tail with lemon leaves.

The shop has many “virtual living” corners with lovely LED lights, serving diners who have just come to eat and take souvenir photos. The menu here has an average price of 80,000-250,000 VND.

Address: Mipec Building 229 Tay Son.

Mildang Hanoi – Korean Gastro Bar

Mildang's interior space.  Photo: Mango Qiu
Mildang’s interior space. Photo: Mango Qiu

Mildang is a Korean-style pub, reminding diners of the popular TV series Itaewon Class. This is also one of the first modern Korean pub models (modern pocha) in Hanoi, serving mainly Korean dishes and cocktails in a youthful and trendy space. Open design and use many lights to decorate.

The restaurant has many large tables to serve a large number of guests. The atmosphere here is quite fun and lively with many games served at the table and modern Kpop music. The minus point of the restaurant is that each dish is a bit small.

Address: 163 Mai Hac De.